Friday, 11 September 2015

CeX at MineVention!

That's right blockheads, we are bringing CeX to MineVention tomorrow!

Take part in our CeX Nether Portal photo competition or our CeX Master builders competition for your chance to win some sweet CeX vouchers. Or just fill your mitts with our freebies.

Located in the huge Peterborough Arena, you can catch loads of awesome presentations and meet your favourite YouTubers:

Adam Clarke           Salems Lady
AmyLee33              SnakeDoctor
AshDubh                 Solidarity
Beanonaboard         Tank Matt
Danjobro                 Tomohawk
DoctorCr33p3r        TycerX
Dragnoz                  VenomousCompany
Gizzy Gazza            Yammy
MiniMuka               YoshiToMario

Come down dressed as Steve to join in an attempt to break a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD! Full info here.

Can't wait to see you there,
Team CeX

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