Sunday 22 November 2015

Now That’s What I call Sing

Everybody loves to sing right? Do you know what everybody loves more? Being judged for singing by peers and even a computer. If you like being judged for your falsettos and vocal crescendos, Now That’s What I call Sing is perfect for you. If you actually just want a game that you can easily set up and have fun with friends with, this games works OK like that too. 

Developed by Ravenscourt and out now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is NOW That’s What I Call Sing which is another karaoke game that features a set-list much more modern than its contemporaries. Rather than trying to cater to audiences of a few generations going through the decades, almost all of the songs featured are from just the last couple of years. If you love your pop music then NOW That’s What I Call Sing caters to all the different styles of pop. From the high-beat dance of Avicii to the ballads of John Legend, it’s a surprisingly impressive set-list of big, recent songs. 

Singing on this game is used with any USB microphone meaning you don’t need to shell out more money for packed-in microphones if you have any lying around. This makes things easier if you want to have four people playing together and just plug in and play, simple and easy. At least, that’s what is supposed to happen. I had some problems connecting my Blue Yeti to it. No matter how many times I plugged it in it just would never recognise it. Other USB mics seemed to work but surprisingly, plugging a headset into your controller worked flawlessly every time.

The game is all about just jumping straight in and singing. There is no progression or career meaning this is just the thing to pull out at a party and have different people simply take turns as after each song, it brings you back to the song list to pick the next one. It makes it easier but there are no incentives to keep playing other than singing another song.

There are a decent number of modes that change the songs up a bit. At first, you only have classic and duet mode but as you complete it and do better you unlock other modes for each song only. This is rather frustrating as you have to sing the same song a couple of times just to unlock all the modes to then play on the same song again.

It’s a standard karaoke game with a great set-list that caters to every fan of pop from recent years. Despite all of that, there is probably one thing that make it all worth it for you but with a catch: The game features Let It Go because of course it features Let It Go. The catch? It’s the Demi Lovato. version. Can’t win them all!.

NOW That’s What I Call Sing hits a good note. 3/5.


Jason Redmond

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