Friday 5 February 2016

Resident Evil Origins Collection

How much did Resident Evil 6 suck? OK, maybe it didn't "suck" but it definitely was not what we as fans wanted. Four campaigns sounded amazing but they all tried to feel different using the same janky controls. It was always going to be a disaster. Don't you wish you could go back to the old Resident Evil days? Well, now you can with the Resident Evil Origins Collection *ding*.
Developed by Capcom and out now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Resident Evil Origins Collection brings both Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero to this generation of systems. Of course both games get a nice lick of paint from the original games that launched on Gamecube and honestly, thanks to the pre-rendered backgrounds, the games looks like some of the best that's out there. The first of the two games of the collection launched digitally last year and that's Resident Evil HD Remaster. This version is the HD remaster of the Gamecube remake of the PlayStation 1 classic. Yup. Despite it being covered in so many gory layers of paint to make it look better, the cracks don't show.
The original Resident Evil is a testament to incredible game design. The mansion is small in the grand scheme of things, especially when you think of it as a full game but the it's the backtracking, the locked areas, and the pace of the whole experience that made it so memorable. The entire game takes place on the premises and although you may leave the building itself, it all feels very confined but never small.

For those returning, it really does feel like coming home. I walked my way around the mansion remembering not only the certain areas but my own memories of previous playthroughs. There's not many games that feels so good the tenth time around but Resident Evil 1 is one of those titles (which is good because it's been re-released and remastered so many times before).

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster is a bit more of an unusual beast. It was originally built on the same engine as the original Resident Evil remake and it very much follows the same design and execution. There are moments that shine but ultimately, this game always felt weird. There was no story designed for anything before the first Resident Evil game and thus creates a plot that sometimes verges on embarrassing. Gameplay stays largely the same except that cumbersome inventory is now spread across two characters so you have double the frustration to contend with. Despite the criticism over the story and inventory, the world design and pacing is incredible. The locations may not be as memorable as the original game but design is still finely tuned.

If you're clouded by nostalgia, you may think that this collection is the best survival horror experience out there but honestly that's not the case. The original Resident Evil is almost 20 years old and in a lot of ways it feels that way. Then there's Resident Evil Zero, that despite being made more than half a decade later, still feels stuck in the original game's design. Together though they're still really good games that will bring back a ton of memories for old-school fans but also a great history lesson in just how well-crafted and brimming with personality environments used to be.

Resident Evil Origins Collection
still has life 3/5.


Jason Redmond

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