Thursday 29 September 2016

5 Online Player Types We All Hate

Videogames are good. We can, I think, all agree on that. Playing online can be a thrilling and addictive experience, with just one thing ruining it; other people. There are many types of idiots who ruin it for everybody else, but these are the five worst...

Warning: The following videos contain bad language

The Camper

Like playing FPS games, but have absolutely no talent for them? Try camping! This one was always inevitable for the list, wasn't it? These pus-seeping boils on the arse of gaming can be found in many games, but are perhaps most often associated with Call of Duty titles. The only good thing about campers is the immense pleasure gained from killing one of the worthless sods.

The Rage Quitter

Like playing games online, but have absolutely no talent for them? Try rage quitting! Most prevalent amongst one-on-one games such as sport titles and beat 'em ups, these tantrum-throwing losers will ordinarily wait until the last possible moment to jump ship, so that your win is not recorded. What's even more infuriating is that developers struggle to find a way to punish this, and sometimes it will even have a negative effect on your own stats. 

The Team Killer

Like playing Rainbow Six Siege, but have absolutely no talent for it? Try team killing! I single out R6 here because I have never, ever played a game so riddled with intentional team kills. Accidental team kills, while annoying, are just a thing that happens. In R6S, it's seemingly impossible to play a dozen matches without at least two of them featuring at least one team-killer each. I hate human beings.

The Dodgem Driver

Like playing racing sims, but have absolutely no talent for them? Try dodgem driving! This is what I call those aggravating gits who ram you, usually on the first or second corner, from behind at full speed (and entirely on purpose) because they're not good enough to overtake. They're well aware that while you'll be spinning out of control, instantly losing any chance of finishing in the top five, they will retain more than enough control to leap forward several places. 

The Objective Ignorer

Like playing objective-based game modes, but have absolutely no talent for them? Try objective ignoring! Mainly relevant to FPS games, these people treat every single game mode – capture the flag, object defense, domination, whatever – as team deathmatch. It's particularly annoying when there are two or more of these people on your team, as you'll usually be stuck on your own at the objective as a sitting duck trying to actually win while your “team” hovers around choke points looking for easy kills.

Luke Kemp

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