Wednesday 14 September 2016

500 Stores Worldwide!

By jove, we’ve surpassed 500 stores worldwide!

Who would’ve thought that when a few geeks pooled their resources together back in 1992, that two decades later their idea would lead to veritable global domination! We’ve expanded far and wide, the likes of Mexico, Poland, Australia, Spain, Italy, Portugal, ROI, The Netherlands, India and we’re only getting started.

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of change in the tech and entertainment world; when we started, the internet was but a burgeoning idea, and now we have computers in our watches! As times have changed, so have we, selling the latest things you want to buy (as well as timeless classics), partnering with fabulous franchisees, making items just a click away with and constantly offering the best prices. Oh, and a whopping 24 month warranty on everything!

One thing we’ve never lost is our sense of humour; life’s too short to not to enjoy what you do! No one can predict how the industry will change, but you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be there, poking fun, up for a bit of banter, but serious about the best prices and service. 

Ultimately we could’ve never got to store 10, let alone half a thousand, without our wonderful custies, who really are our bosses, our Han Solo, our Captain Janeway, Our Clark Kent. We are forever grateful for your support and hope have enjoyed this crazy ride as much as us.

So join us in celebrating this milestone, here’s to the next 500!

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