Tuesday 27 September 2016

Top 5 Game Endings That Make You Go "WAIT....WHAT?!"

Games have a much bigger build up to story climaxes than movies. A movie will tell its whole story in less than three hours whereas some games’ climax is about the same time. So after you’ve spend many hours overcoming many obstacles, facing many twists along the way, and enduring the toughest challenges, the anticipation of how it all comes together can be pretty exciting. There are some games that come along and when the ending credits appear on screen you go: “wait . . . . what?”


David Cage, the man behind the Jason screaming Heavy Rain and the unofficial prequel to Stranger Things in Beyond: Two Souls first got his name known with the rather excellent Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy in America). Unfortunately, the thrilling murder mystery descends into madness with Maxtrix-like fighting scenes against ancient beings and even a computer entity. When all is said and done, you’ll be wondering what the hell just happened!

Check out Fahrenheit HERE

Bioshock Infinite

Following the underrated Bioshock 2, the team behind the original Bioshock was back for Bioshock Infinite. The ingenuity of the original Bioshock returned and the build-up from the mystery surrounding the whole game culminated in a big explosion of “What!?” This wasn’t because it was badly delivered but it took a while to get your head around it all and when you did it felt satisfying but there definitely a few moments in the ending scenes when a “wait . . . what?” might be spurted out.

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In 1998, Half-Life set the standard on how First-Person storytelling can be done. The layout and exploring of Black Mesa was memorable instantly and how the plot progressed was revolutionary for the time. Then, as the game came closer to the end, it suddenly turned into Quake as you travelled to the alien world of Zen and it all became a platforming section and ends with a boss battle against some alien baby thing. Then G-Man himself offers for you to jump through a portal in the alien’s head. Wait, what?

Check out the Half Life collection HERE

F.E.A.R. 2

F.E.A.R. 2 is an excellent shooter surrounded by poop your pants scares. It’s honestly a pretty underrated series as the excellent shooting seemed to be overshadowed by the fear factor. Then again, Alma is a terrifying little girl that when she’s around, horrible things happen. As you try to stop her at the end of the game she suddenly becomes a young woman and, how can I put this, she forces you to inseminate and impregnate her, really. As it all goes down you will definitely be questioning what’s going on with a massive “WHAT!?”

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Mass Effect 3

The ending to Mass Effect 3 is infamous for basically feeling like a massive waste of your invested time. You’ve put in up to 100 hours into these team of characters as well as Shepard, losing valuable members along the way. You’ve got to know every single one of them and grown to love or hate them. You’ve made all these tough decisions and the ending comes down to three choices that had absolutely nothing to do with all your efforts up to here. It all leads to the biggest anti-climax in gaming. Wait . . . what!? Are you f***ing serious? We all said “what” but there was no question because there was no answer for this farce!

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