Monday 10 October 2016

5 Biggest Movie Ego Trips

Actors and directors get a lot of fame and attention when they’re part of a great movie, so it’s understandable that sometimes their ego ends up feeling a tad inflated. Sometimes, however, they go a bit too far and, well…we end up with the five examples below.

5. The Love Guru – Mike Myers

Mike Myers’ ego blew to insane proportions during ‘The Love Guru’ following his success of both Shrek and Austin Powers and, unfortunately for him, it definitely helped his career take a turn for the worse. His desperation to make people laugh resulted in a string of accusations of xenophobia, and a distinct lack of screen time since.

Check out The Love Guru HERE

4. Avatar – James Cameron

Cameron’s got to be one of the biggest egos in the film industry, and ‘Avatar’ certainly reflected that. Not only was every single thing he ever said about the film highly arrogant, he also described the idea as “personal” to him, despite its plot being as recycled as you can get. Also don’t forget the message repeatedly hitting the audience in the face like a brick – it was just over the top.

Check out Avatar HERE

3. Battlefield Earth – John Travolta

John Travolta has starred in some really good films, but sadly ‘Battlefield Earth’ wasn’t one of them. Perhaps even the worst film in the history of his career, Travolta seemed to be the only one that genuinely thought the film was a success, and even went as far as blaming the audience for getting the wrong end of the stick (rather than, you know, the stupid plot, terrible acting, and shameful direction).

Check out Battlefield Earth HERE

2. Dawn of Justice – Zack Snyder

Dawn of Justice was pretty much a bad idea – no one wanted Snyder to direct it, and even screenwriter Goyer described the film as “where you go when you admit to yourself that you’ve exhausted all possibilities.” Snyder put too much of himself into it (cue stylised ‘Man of Steel’ visuals) and not enough comic book, meaning all we got was three drawn-out hours of what Snyder wanted, rather than the actual audience.

Check out Dawn Of Justice HERE

1. Transformers (the whole lot) – Michael Bay

Oh, Michael Bay. Not only did you actually think people wanted to see more ‘Transformers’ movies, you’re actually so arrogant that you designed at least half of each movie as product placements, and you even reused shots from the first one (yes, really). Believe it not, the explosions and terrible plot got dull about half an hour into the first one. You may be fooled into thinking you’re a complete genius, Bay, but the rest of us really aren’t.

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