Friday 14 October 2016

CeX Kendal, The Walking Dead, Charlie Adlard- Oh my!

 Hey you!

Fancy yourself a bit of an artist? Famed comic book artist of The Walking Dead, Charlie Adlard, will be judging and picking winners of the best original comic at our store in Kendal. Whether you've created an entire comic book or just a one off illustration, you're free to enter! All ages are welcomed too, as there are 3 age categories- 0-12, 13-16 and 17+

So, bring your very own comic book creations, chat with the legend himself and be in for a chance to win a £50 voucher and signed comics! Interested? Be sure to swing by CeX Kendal at the Westmorland Shopping Centre TOMORROW (October 15th) between 11am to 12pm. Be there!

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