Friday 7 October 2016

Top 5 Disappointing Sequels

It’s pretty great when a game comes along and it’s awesome! Whether it’s the mechanics, the gameplay, or the visuals - when you finish, you want more. Unfortunately, that moment comes and it’s a steaming pile of crap. That, or it just doesn’t live up to the expectations of a follow-up. Behold, the five most disappointing sequels.

5. Dragon Age 2

When Bioware launched Dragon Age Origins in 2008, it was an incredible new Dark Fantasy world to explore with deep and meaningful characters and choices. Suffice to say: A new franchise was born. With the incredible world created in Origins, the sequel was going to dive even further and offer even more scope right? Yeah, about that! It felt empty adding very little to the world and forced you to visit just a few locations over and over again.

4. Star Wars The Forced Unleashed 2

Let’s be honest: The first Forced Unleashed game was awesome. You got to fight for the Dark Side and use your awesome space magic. I mean, his name was Starkiller! It was a hit and told a pretty cool side-story in the Star Wars Universe. Unfortunately, money pulled people to the Dark Side and a sequel was pretty much forced on us and it felt like that in every way. It just wasn’t nearly as good as the one that came before.

3. Resident Evil 6

When is more content not better? When it’s a smorgasbord of crapola. Enter, Resident Evil 6. Following the revelation that was Resident Evil 4, Capcom really didn’t understand what made it so successful and beloved with fans. Resident Evil 5 was decent but Resi 6 was a bunch of current gaming trends, mixed up with a whisk, and with just a few drops of generic flavour and baked in a confused oven. Well, that’s what I think when I hear Resident Evil 6.

2. Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2

It may have moved genres from the classic games but Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was an epic adventure. It felt massive in scope and offered tons of content. It honestly felt exhausting in the best way possible getting through it. So expectations were naturally high for a sequel and especially by the interesting ending that indicated we were going into a modern day. Unfortunately the sequel was open-world, the modern day setting was dull and lacked the stunning vistas from the game before and overall, it was just not very good at all.

1.Duke Nukem Forever

Hail to the King baby! Yeah maybe we weren’t all that surprised when Duke Nukem Forever was finally released after being Vaporware for virtually a lifetime. Still, with Gearbox being well-respected at the time for the Borderlands franchise, we were hoping they would salvage it. In hindsight though, with Gearbox at the helm, it was always destined for disaster. It was outdated, had poor mechanics and was so 90s video games misogynistic that it wasn’t even funny in an ironic way anymore. It was ass!

Jason Redmond

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