Thursday 27 October 2016

Top 5 Hollywood Most Upsetting Sellouts

5. John Travolta

Offences– Battlefield Earth, I Am Wrath, Criminal Activities, Killing Season, From Paris With Love, Old Dogs, The Taking of Pelham 123…
In the 1970s, Travolta was a star. Sure his popularity declined in the 80s, but in 1994, he was rescued by Quentin Tarantino who put him in a little movie you might’ve heard of called Pulp Fiction. Shortly after, he starred in Get Shorty and Face/Off. But what’s he done since? A whole load of unwatchable shit. This seems like as good a time as any to watch Pulp Fiction again though, right?

Check out Pulp Fiction HERE

4. Al Pacino

Offences – Misconduct, Jack and Jill, Righteous Kill, 88 Minutes, Two for the Money, Gigli…
Al Pacino was in the god-damn Godfather trilogy. He was in Scarface. He was in Heat. The man is…was…an icon.Recently, he’s been in all sorts of rubbish – his lowest point being appearing in Adam Sandler’s disgusting Jack and Jill. Al, may the devil have mercy on you when you reach hell.
Take a step back in time to before Pacino lost his self-respect, and revisit The Godfather trilogy.

Check out The Godfather HERE

3. Kevin Spacey

Offences – Fred Claus, Edison, Nine Lives, Father of Invention…
Ah, Kevin Spacey was a hard one to admit. He’s one of the finest actors alive, with stunning roles in American Beauty and The Usual Suspects among his best. But he’s clearly never been against selling out, with this year bringing us his biggest offence yet – Nine Lives. He plays a cat. A fucking cat. Unfortunately, that role alone is enough to solidify his place in this list. Go back to 1995 and watch The Usual Suspects again – there isn’t a talking cat in sight.

Check out The Usual Suspects HERE

2. Anthony Hopkins

Offences – Misconduct, Solace, Go With Me, Kidnapping Freddy Heineken, The Rite, The Wolfman…
This Welsh icon was Hannibal Lecter. He won an Oscar for The Silence of the Lambs, in which he appeared as the famous cannibal for just 15 minutes. That is talent. And yet in recent years, he’s seemingly taken any job he’s been offered – from trashy legal thrillers to exorcism horrors. What an embarrassment. Seems like he’s been drinking a little bit too much of that Chianti. It’s always time for an appointment with Hannibal.

Check out Hannibal HERE

1. Robert De Niro

Offences – Far too many to list…
Robert De Niro…I just…There are no words. You know what you have done. You have butchered your career and shat on its remains. You have then thrown these shit-covered remains in the faces of the public over and over again. There is no redemption for your sins. Hollywood’s biggest tragedy, right here. Remind yourself how good De Niro was, and watch Taxi Driver again.

Check out Taxi Driver HERE

Luke Kemp

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