Sunday 30 October 2016

Top 5 Scariest Game Characters

Tis the season for scaring the yellow liquid out of each other and you can't get mad without being a bad sport. Halloween is a time to scare other but also yourself. What better way to spend all Hallow's Eve by scaring the metaphorical bollock off yourself with the Top 5 scariest characters in video games.

5. Animatronics - Five Nights at Freddy's

When innocence and happiness turns dark, it's unnerving! What the family at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza represents is that you cannot trust robots or happiness. While their eyes are scary enough, it's how they present themselves to you that makes it worse. When you least expect it, they can jump scare you and it gets you every single time! I never want to go to Chuck e Cheese now because of it!

4. Richard Trager -  Outlast

You enter a mental asylum with mangled faces screaming gibberish at you and all they want to do is hit and chase you around the halls: punch first, ask questions later. You eventually come across Doctor Richard Trager. He speaks well, is obviously intelligent but is completely sadistic. After doing some reconstruction surgery on your hands, you've got to get away from him. It's that calm tone of his voice that makes it even worse *shivers*

3. Alma - The F.E.A.R. series

Nothing is scarier than a creepy child. Anytime you see one you can’t help but say "What the hell are you doing? Why are looking at me like that?" and then the child answers back with watery eyes "Why are you being so mean daddy?" But seriously Alma not only looks creepy but is dangerous. She kills everything around her and a blaze of gory glory. Equally creepy and dangerous, she does some horrifying things to you too! She is in control  of everything and there's nothing you can do.

Check out F.E.A.R. HERE

2. Slender Man - Slender Man: The Arrival

Kinda hard to believe that the internet came up with the one. Stalking prey in the forest, he seemingly really doesn’t like when you pick up some pages. He stalks you, getting increasingly more agitated as you pick up more pages, jumping in front of you as you run from him. The featureless face and tall, gaunt frame complements his creepiness. Even if you collect all the pages, the hell that he has put you through means you never really win.

1Pyramid Head - Silent Hill

As beloved as he is terrifying, Pyramid Head was one of the first horror game enemies that became iconic. Lurking around halls, dragging that massive weapon around and letting out sounds that instantly make your heart skip a beat, this is how you strike fear into people.   Like Slenderman, he is a horror without a face making him feel alien and makes it impossible to feel a connection in any single way. A nightmare and nothing more.

Check out Silent Hill HERE

Jason Redmond

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