Saturday, 12 November 2016

PlayStation VR Worlds CeX

There’s always that one game that’s packed in with new hardware to truly demonstrate what the new hardware is capable of. This time around for PlayStation VR we get PlayStation VR Worlds except the game isn’t actually included with the headset and it initially feels like it’s just an overpriced demo. Even though I feel like it still should have been included in the package, PlayStation VR Worlds is a great collection of experiences that shows off the different approaches developers can take when developing for PlayStation VR.

Developed by Sony London Studios and out now on PlayStation VR, PlayStation VR Worlds brings five distinct experiences to the table: Ocean Descent, London Heist, VR Luge, Scavenger’s Odyssey, and Danger Ball. I say that these are experiences rather than games because of the passive nature of Ocean Descent.

While you don’t actually play anything in Ocean Descent, the experience of going a few hundred feet under the sea is both relaxing and one of them in particular adds some terror and drama. Out of all the experiences, this is the one you will show off to people who don’t actually play video games. This is a good way to show what VR means to those that may not understand the video games medium. It was simple fun and there was a moment in the shark attack experience when bars broke in toward me and I actually jumped back, immediately feeling like an absolute idiot.

VR Luge was easily the most forgettable. There isn’t much to it really. You lie on a board and go down a hill at incredible speeds. Crashing into the traffic on the road doesn’t really slow you down whatsoever so there is no real incentive to keep playing and improve your time.
Danger Ball is essentially Pong for VR. You take on one competitor as a ball bounces off walls and a ceiling and you essentially use your face as the paddle. It’s not incredibly simple either as moving when you make contact with the balls causes it to swerve which mixes things up a bit. As you face tougher opponents, their special abilities keep things fresh for a while. It’s simple but really enjoyable.

Scavenger’s Odyssey is a simplistic cockpit sci-fi shooter. There isn’t much variety to the gameplay or even enemies. You only have two weapons at your disposal but honestly it is enjoyable enough. However, once you finish it, there is absolutely no reason to return to it and you’ll get through it all within two hours. 

London Heist is definitely the highlight of PlayStation VR Worlds. It may last around an hour or less but the set pieces and acting make it truly engaging and fun. Voice acting and animation help send home the immersion and honestly when it was done, it was the only game in this collection that made me wish there was even more of it. It is essentially a shooting gallery but it is all done and structured so well. If they took this and made it three times longer, I would run out and buy it in an instant. 

Comfort Level

Ocean Descent: As you just stand in the area not even holding any sort of controller, I felt absolutely no discomfort.

VR Luge: I felt slight discomfort. This seemed to be because the character in game was lying down flat and I could see my body while I sat in a chair in a completely different position. Also moving from side to side felt a little jarring. 

London Heist: Felt absolutely no discomfort. There are some big action moments but always felt fine. 
Danger Ball: All you do is move your head around to hit the ball so no discomfort whatsoever. 
Scavenger’s Odyssey: No discomfort as sitting in any sort of cockpit seems to remove any possibility for motion sickness.

Probably the most expensive demo since Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. 3/5


Jason Redmond

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