Monday, 28 November 2016

Top 5 Mustaches on TV

“He had a fine mustache. Men of wisdom so often do.” 
Laini Taylor, Daughter of Smoke & Bone

As it’s Movember, it is time to look back upon some of the finest moustaches. With Hannah and Jason tackling the film and gaming ‘taches for you, it’s up to me to show you TV’s finest. Here goes…

ABRAHAM FORD – Michael Cudlitz (The Walking Dead)

Abraham “Suck My Nuts” Ford is a bad-ass. He has become a hero for the ginger community with his wit, strength and bravery. Oh, and that moustache. Look at it. I bet there’s a whole world in there. Rick and the gang didn’t need the farm, or the prison, or Alexandria. They just all needed to get cosy in Abe’s ‘tache. There’s plenty of room for everyone.

Check out the Walking Dead HERE

AL SWEARENGEN – Ian McShane (Deadwood)

Ian McShane’s Al Swearengen is the only character on this list who comes from an utterly perfect television series – the short-lived but soon-to-be-revived Western, Deadwood. One of the greatest programmes ever to reach the tellybox, Deadwood is easily HBO’s finest hour. And the foul-mouthed centre of the series, Al Swearengen, happens to sport a fine bit of facial hair which, when combined with that pinstripe suit, earns him a place on this list. Very snazzy.

Check out Deadwood HERE

JERRY SEINFELD (and GEORGE COSTANZA) – Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander (Seinfeld)

As the final season of Seinfeld began on September 25th 1997, the world was treated to a sight that will always be remembered. George’s idea for the pair to grow moustaches was as a vacation from themselves, but the duo ended up looking like “out-of-work pornstars”. A lot of us can relate to that…we’re just not all cut out for the ‘tache life. Still, this face fluff is absolutely deserving of a place on this list - if only for being a rare instance of the ‘tache-wearer acknowledging how bad it looks.  

Check out Seinfeld HERE

THOMAS MAGNUM – Tom Selleck (Magnum, P.I.)

Of course Magnum is here. Does this choice need explaining? Look at that moustache. It’s beautiful. Did you know that when Magnum P.I. was being made, Tom Selleck’s moustache got a paycheck of its own? As the years went on, it became sentient and more powerful than you could possibly imagine – it was very difficult to work with. It always turned up to filming high on cocaine, having not read the script. How’s this sentient moustache banter going down with you? Oh. Okay. I’ll stop.

Check out Magnum P.I. HERE

RON SWANSON – Nick Offerman (Parks & Recreation)

And finally, you simply cannot go wrong with Ronald Ulysses Swanson’s ‘tache. The incredibly dry, deadpan and sarcastic meat-lover boasts a thick and full moustache that, I think, everyone can see beauty in. Men want it, and women want to stroke it. Look at it. LOOK AT IT. It’s art. Pure art. 

Check out Parks & Recreation HERE

Hannah Read

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