Sunday 13 November 2016

Top 5 Memorable Gaming Intros

Nostalgia is a powerful tool. We fondly recall moments with rose-tinted glasses. Moments can turn a great game into life-changing and memorable. Sometimes though, those moments happen in the beginning of the game. They offer an introduction to the world, the story, characters and can seed the majesty that some games hold. They can never be forgotten and forever hold a place in your head.

5. Fallout

The intro to the original Fallout was implemented so well that it has become a staple of introducing future Fallout titles. An old song from the 40s or 50s plays on a TV. Eventually it pulls out, the music gets more distant and then you can see the literal nuclear fallout of a city in the background. It’s chilling, depressing, but ultimately mesmerising.

Check out Fallout HERE

4. Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is easily the high point for the series so far. The intro though is one of the more shocking moments in the entire franchise as the Sheppard you created and made a name for in the first game suffers his/her untimely demise. But don’t go worrying now because he/she gets better and goes on to save the galaxy with the help out a ghost child. Really.

Check out Mass Effect HERE

3. The Last of Us

Let’s be honest: The Last of Us is one of the best narrative games every created. It makes you forget that the gameplay itself is meh at best. Going through the destroyed world, you might momentarily forget just how powerful the intro to the game is - that is until you think about it again. It’s heart-wrenching, crushing, and shows how the main character is broken because of it many years later. 

Check out The Last Of Us HERE

2. Half-Life

Half-Life was a seminal moment in video games. It told a story in a whole new way. It wasn’t afraid of explaining things to you through NPCs in the world. Now, let’s forget the ending moments of the game when everything goes to hell in more ways than one and appreciate just how memorable that tram ride is at the start of the game. It’s slow but its environmental storytelling was so fresh and new for the time that it has been attempted so many times since. For example . . . 

Check out Half Life HERE

1. Bioshock

I don’t think Bioshock’s intro would exist without Half-Life. Despite Half-Life being the one that started it, Bioshock perfected it. The moment Rapture is first shown will forever be branded into my brain and the more I think about it, the better it gets. The speech before it is equally as memorable and can easily be remembered and recalled. If you’ve ever heard “Is a man not entitled to . . . .” then know that it comes from this intro. Every moment of that sequence is meticulously crafted to be the greatest gaming intro ever. 

Check out Bioshock HERE

Jason Redmond

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