Saturday, 26 November 2016

Top 5 Moustaches In Film

We’re halfway through now, so you most likely have noticed the plethora of beards that have gradually been creeping up on you. Yep, it’s that time of year again – Movember. Whilst I won’t be participating for obvious reasons, I thought I’d instead highlight five impressive moustaches that have graced our screens in the world of film… Maybe they’ll even inspire.

5. Jules Winnfield – Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction)

Samuel L. Jackson’s face fuzz as Jules Winnfield was never meant to be iconic, but its inclusion in Pulp Fiction lead to accidentally creating a whole new craze. It’s not surprising, as the combination of the horseshoe moustache and barely attached sideburns is a wonderful sight, but it never looks completely perfect without Winnfield’s Jheri-curled hair.

Check out Pulp Fiction HERE

4. Rufus T. Firefly – Groucho Marx (Duck Soup)

Groucho Marx’s moustache in ‘Duck Soup’ is pretty iconic, as it inspired those glasses and moustache masks that everyone is so familiar with. The moustache you see on screen was actually painted on over Groucho’s original moustache, but there’s no reason why you can’t aspire to such wonderful lip foliage.

Check out Duck Soup HERE

3. Ulysses Everett McGill – George Clooney (O Brother Where Art Thou?)

Shaped moustaches come and go in facial hair history, but George Clooney’s style in O Brother Where Art Thou just won’t be forgotten. McGill is notoriously vain anyway, but his pencil-thin ‘tache is kept perfectly trim at all times (despite the situation), and some even it makes Clooney looks the spitting image of Clark Gable.

Check out O Brother Where Art Thou HERE

2. Derek Smalls – Harry Shearer (This Is Spinal Tap):

Spinal Tap’s bass player Derek Smalls is the epitome of the ‘70s – retro, metal, and with a mutton chop moustache that rivals any others of its type. It’s clearly derived from Motorhead’s Lemmy’s classic style and, combined with Smalls’ rock star locks there’s almost no cheek in sight. This is one example of facial hair that’s turned up all the way to 11.

Check out This Is Spinal Tap HERE

1. Sam Elliott playing anyone ever

Sam Elliott has exactly the right type of facial hair for the more forthright styles of ‘tache – it’s coarse, impressive, and whatever style it’s in it deserves a certain level of respect. It’s hard to choose which moustachioed character is the best display but The Stranger’s in The Big Lebowski has to be up there – it’s less of a style, and more of a facial topiary art form. 

Check out Road House HERE

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