Thursday 3 November 2016


It’s a weird situation I was in when playing World Rally Championship 6. It was one of the most fun rally racing games I’ve played in years. It offers great options, fun stages, and one of the better career modes. Despite all of this however, I constantly compared it to DiRT Rally that released earlier this year and almost every single time DiRT Rally won. Despite this, World Rally Championship 6 does an excellent job of bringing the authenticity and fun of the sport to the controller. Visually, it looks decent, the racing model is impressive, and it is all structured in a way that encourages continuous play.

Developed by Kylotonn and out now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, WRC 6 offers more of a casual approach to play compared to its main competition DiRT Rally. While DiRT Rally is incredibly challenging and at times frustrating, WRC 6 feels more relaxed even if you are taking massively sharp turns on the top of a cliff. Every mistake doesn’t feel as detrimental to your outcome even if a few mistakes can cost you any stage.

Even with a casual approach, it’s an excellent and authentic recreation of the official World Rally Championship. This will not only make it feel like the real thing but it will also bring new layers of strategy to how aggressive you approach stages depending on how many take place in any given day. There can be a single event in a day or there can be more. Regardless, you can only repair your car once a day meaning you have to be more careful on days with multiple stages. Cause substantial damage on the first stage then be prepared to struggle through the rest of the day and lose valuable time.

The career itself though is incredibly enjoyable simply due to its streamlined nature. The progression is presented to you in a clear and understandable manner which lets you know what is coming and when you should walk away for the day and finish the championship on a different day. Everything feels like you can obtain something meaningful every few minutes so you will be more willing to just keep playing. It’s that carrot dangling on a stick done so well in a rally game that I’ve never experienced in another one before. There’s no complicated structure, no branching paths, no side activities that moves you away from completing championships. It’s concentrated and a pure rally career which is all it needs to be.

One of the most impressive aspects of the locations and tracks on offer is that the Super Special Stages are replicated on a 1:1 scale. They feel just as enjoyable as the standard rally locations on show which is a testament to how well the actual rally tracks are designed by the team that everything fits in together really well.

The best strength WRC 6 possesses is in its progression. Everything comes at a consistent pace that makes “One more event” a common thought. Couple that with a good racing model that feels good and you’ve got the most accessible and enjoyable rally game to release in some time. Visually, it’s decent. It’s nothing compared to DiRT Rally and it doesn’t run as well but it does offer some nice vistas even if the “jaggies” do creep in. There isn’t a ton of stuff to do outside the career and the multiplayer content isn’t exciting really at all. Still, winning championships and moving up the ranks of the World Rally Championship is good enough to make it worth your time if you are looking for a decent rallying game.

A fun and simple rally game. 3/5 


Jason Redmond

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