Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Alternative Valentine’s Day Viewing

It’s February 14th, and you know what that means. It’s that silly bullshit commercialised cash-in-for-gift-shops day: Valentine’s Day. If you’re spending the evening with your loved one tonight and need a nice romantic film to watch together, allow me to offer some choices that may have slipped your mind.


With the release of Ben Wheatley’s highly-anticipated Free Fire just around the corner, take a step back to his 3rd film with the delightfully dark Sightseers. The film follows a loving couple, Chris and Tina, as they embark on a picturesque road trip across Yorkshire. How quaint. Oh, I forgot to mention, they leave a trail of mangled bodies behind them…It’s dark, violent and bloody hilarious. Ben Wheatley is one of the finest filmmakers working today, and Sightseers could just be one of his best.

Check out Sightseers HERE


Sightseers’ violent road trip theme isn’t the most original concept, having already been perfected back in 1994 by Oliver Stone. But Natural Born Killers is different enough to recommend alongside Sightseers, particularly to enjoy as a double-bill! This darkly twisted film is of a more biting and satirical nature, pointing the finger at mainstream media’s approach to violence. An insightful message or style over substance? You decide. Either way, there’s no denying the love between Mickey and Mallory.

Check out Natural Born Killers HERE


The Greasy Strangler is a modern masterpiece of the macabre, perfect for any occasion. Arguably, there is a romance beneath its disturbing surface so it’s perfect Valentine’s viewing - especially if you like grease, disco dancing and old men’s cocks. The Greasy Strangler is the Citizen Kane of bad taste and a charmingly romantic night in for any couple. You can trust me, I’m no bullshit artist.

Check out The Greasy Strangler HERE


Long before Ryan Gosling danced his way through the sun-drenched La La Land, he was kicking in people’s heads in elevators in front of Carey Mulligan. We’ve all done it. Yes, 2011’s Drive has held up very well as a modern classic and it proves that even violent and introverted getaway drivers can find something resembling a romance. How sweet. There’s hope for all of you single folks out there!

Check out Drive HERE


And finally, what Valentine’s Day would be complete without the touching story of Nicolas Cage being reunited with his wife and child after 8 years in jail. Of course, before that he has to deal with John Malkovich and his squad of goons hijacking a maximum-security aircraft and causing all kinds of shit. A legendary piece of cinematic cheese, and a perfect test for your loved one – if they don’t enjoy it, I don’t think your relationship is going to work out.

Check out Con Air HERE

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