Friday, 1 December 2017

Console Repairs in Derby

Got a broken console? Don’t throw it away in despair, CeX now offer a NO FIX NO FEE console repair service called CeX Clinic! So if you are looking for a reliable place to get your console fixed in Derby, head to CeX Derby and speak to our staff for details.

Common faults we repair:
  • Laser problems
  • Blue light of death
  • Red light of death
  • Broken HDMI sockets
  • Jammed disk drive
  • No controller sync
  • Error codes
  • Other errors
15 London Road
Intu Derby
DE1 2NS        

You can find the opening times HERE
Nearest Station: Derby

Buy, Sell, Exchange & Repair at CeX!

Get your daily CeX at

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