Saturday 25 March 2017

Sell Your Stuff, Get Cash - Gaming

Money. You need it and you don’t have enough of it.

But hey, we’re all in the same boat! Whether you’re trying to buy the Nintendo Switch with a shiny new copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, looking to pick up that retro console you never had as a kid or snap up a few PS4 games that are selling cheap or simply just make rent, it’s always great to have a little extra cash laying around, right?


If you’re a gamer, chances are you’ve been upgrading your console every 5-7 years or so, possibly more regularly than that in terms of handhelds. With all of those old consoles and games up in your attic, did you ever consider how much money you’re sitting on? Why chuck them in the bin only for them to turn up on some landfill? That makes no sense for the environment and it makes no sense for your wallet. Trust me, you’re sitting on a potential goldmine of gaming wonders. ALL of this can make you cold hard cash NOW!

The Wrong Way

Whether it’s websites like Ebay or Craigslist or even at car-boot sale or flea market, there is always some place to get rid of your unwanted consoles and game. However, what you need to watch out for is the fact that most- if not all of these places- will end up offering you some pretty rubbish cash. After all, between paying for postage on an item or someone trying to stiff you for a quick bit of cash, these places usually end up being a waste of time and effort. That said, there is somewhere that’s worth checking out...

The Right Way

Sick of selling your old consoles and games and receiving little or no cash? Why not swing by your local CeX store. At CeX we offer fantastic and competitive prices for any items we buy, and what’s more, we’ll offer you store credit or cold hard cash for your stuff- it’s up to YOU. From there you can walk out our door with your easy earnings or check out our in-store items, all of which have a 24 month warranty.

Check out your local CeX store HERE, and start turning your old consoles and games into quick cash NOW.
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