Thursday 19 April 2018

EGX London: 2018

I spent a few days down at the Tobacco Docks to check out some up and coming titles, and also got to see a few panels that I wanted to check out. Most of the bigger titles will do just fine, on their own, so here are just a few of the many awesome Indie titles, I had a chance to try out, that may otherwise fly under the radar.

Deru: The Art of Cooperation

A Co-op Puzzle game that'll get you both thinking. From conception at Game Jam 2014, a small team have been expanding upon, and winning awards for it, ever since. The concept is simple. Get your coloured shape to the exit. How you're getting there is where it all gets a little bit tricky.
Aiming for a 2018 release on Steam and switch.

Dunk Dunk

A fun take on Basketball, with local multiplayer. Utilising both sticks, One controlling your motion, while the other is  your arm. It's Basketball, so the aim is to score in the other teams net/hole and stop them from doing the same to you, by using your stretchy body to its maximum defensive potential. Dunk Dunk was a good laugh in two vs two, but still pretty sure the Devs let us win.

Mao Mao Castle

The Space Harrier is strong with this one. Using touch control, you steer a flying, elongated, Kittah to rack up as many points as possible, without crashing.
Coming soon to Android and IOS.

The Adventure Pals

A colourful platform adventure with some light RPG elements, inspired by Saturday morning cartoons. Adventure Pals feels a little like Castle Crashers but less scrolling beat em up and more platforming. Also, there's a Giraffe in your backpack, named Sparkles, and you can ride it... Sold!
Out now, for PS4, Xbox one, Switch and Steam.

Aperion Cyberstorm

A twin stick shooter, along the lines of Robotron and Geometry Wars, with support for up to five players, either through the campaign or in a deathmatch arena. A variety of ships, each with their own stats, and weapon loadouts, add a nice level of strategy, to the game.
Out now, on Switch, Wii U and Steam.


If Catdog was a dog on both ends, you'd get a Phog. A Co-op platform puzzler, taking inspiration from Noby-Noby Boy, in which each player controls half of the Phog, each, and must work together to get through the seeming strange and random stages. Then get eaten by a pink snake.

Pocket Rumble

A fighter aimed at keeping it fun and button combinations to a minimum. The Neo Geo Pocket art style is what drew me to the game, memories of King of Fighters R2 coming back, I stayed to keep beating my friend. Pocket Rumble has been available on Steam early access for just over a year now, with a Switch version coming soon.

Bushy Tail

Bushy Tail's aiming for your heartstrings, like a charity donation advert. Please donate the asking price of this visually beautiful, narrative drive, game. So you, too, can help this poor, defenceless, three-legged fox find his way through some multiple choice actions.

Bry Wyatt

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