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E3 2018 Roundup

With each year it seems as though we get shown more and more games, that are lingering on the horizon. As a self-confessed gaming nerd, this is my Champions League, my Wrestlemania, my Superbowl. Narrowing this list down wasn't easy. Here are 20 games, that have my attention. (In no real order).

Fallout 76

Set in 2102, you're an inhabitant of Vault 76, the first Vault to be opened. The trailers show off a bunch of new enemy types (The game takes from West Virginia folklore). There was a Giant angry Sloth and a Mothman and vegetation seems to have survived the blast. The map is apparently four times larger than Fallout 4 and has sixteen times the detail. The game is fully Online and every person you meet will be someone real. Bethesda are aiming for between 24-32 people per server. it is possible to play on your own, you’re just more likely to survive with others, as dozens of other people will occupy the wasteland and other people are generally asshats, online. Death isn't the loss of progression and progression carries over between servers. The building mechanic, from Fallout 4, makes a return but you can now build and move it to wherever you want. In what feels like an odd shift of tone for the series, there are atomic bombs scattered across the map. You can find them and do what you want with them. You need to find the codes to launch them first though. Due out 14th Nov but there will be a Beta “Break-it-Early-Test-Applications” before it’s out.

Cyberpunk 2077

Hacked it's way into the show, with lots of little in-jokes about the gaming industry and information about the game itself. The game looks amazing but, sadly, still no real gameplay available to the public and was only shown behind closed doors. The trailer is accompanied by some ace music by DJ Hyper, which perfectly captures the vibe of the games cyberpunk aesthetic. Unlike Bethesda, bragging about the size of their new map, CD Projekt Red hide within the text of the trailer that they have no idea how big the game is. They just know it’s big.

Last of Us 2

The trailer started out happy and you know this can't last long, as it transitions from a dance into some sneaky sneaky gameplay, much Metal Gear Solid, as Ellie takes out some human enemies. This game looks crazy good. Almost too good. The original is nearly five years old, now.

Death Stranding

Shows that Norman Reedus is an extreme delivery man and does a lot of scavenging. In an eight minute (gameplay?) trailer, that wasn’t giving much of anything away. Still, no idea what this is. Still, want it.

Ghost of Tsushima

This game looks beautiful… and I’m not one to use that word often. Kurosawa was clearly an inspiration in the presentation of this game. There are endless fields of flowers, the leaves shuffle and float as you walk, or fight, over them. Sword fighting looks very satisfying, too. You play as the samurai Jin, during the Mongol invasion (of Japan). I think I've found the game to fill the Tenchu gap.

Resident Evil 2: Remake

Daaaaamn, this looks ace. Running on the new RE engine, that RE7 was built on, graphics and zombies look outstanding. Leon’s face looks a little weird and Claire doesn’t have her jacket, but I can’t wait for this. RE2 is still my favourite, in the series. Zombies now take limb damage, so it’s possible to shoot off arms and legs… for strategic reasons. The beats of the story have been kept the same but the police station and the way things play out have all been rejigged, to change it up slightly. The police station now has toilets.

Doom Eternal

Hell yeah, more Doom. Some meaty Mick Gordon music teases us over the short trailer showcasing some new demons. Set on a hellbound Earth, with twice as many demons to fight. More is to be shown at QuakeCon, later this year.

Forza Horizon 4

Is this time set in Britain, with changing seasons. I didn’t think it was possible to look any better than Horizon 3 but somehow they’ve pulled it off and also got it running at 4K60. Cars look really slidey (arcadey). Where’s all the traffic, though?


Very little was shown, of Control, but it was enough to make an impression. It basically looks like Chris Nolan: The game. Lots of weird bendy environments and weapons. Being made by 505 and Remedy (Quantum Break and Max Payne).

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Is a welcome mashup of Bloodborne and Tenchu. From Software (Dark Souls, Tenchu) team up with Activision, which is weird. Two ninja (ish) games in the same years. I’ll still need to keep wishing for a new Otogi.

Devil May Cry 5

Had been rumoured for a little while now, and we finally got to take a first look…. And it looks as cheesy as ever. Starring a younger looking Nero, who looks like a white haired Cody Rhodes, with a tech arm beating up a streetful of monsters, at the same time as driving. With a brief glimpse of a stubbly Dante, at the end. Also running on the RE engine.


Gets a lengthy demo, displaying a section of the game that shows off a bunch of the bad guys. Electro, (who sounds like Gilbert Godfrey), Rhino, Falcon, Scorpion and Mr Negative, making up five of the Sinister Six. I’ve been waiting for a decent Spiderman game, since the second movie tie in. I hope this is it.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Showed two trailers. One goes all Frozen, with a talking snowman, and the second showing off a bunch of the new World's and had a bit more of a focus on The Pirates of the Caribbean. Jack Sparrow and crew’s in-game models looked great. Seems the wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 could be nearly over, with a date of Jan 29th, people have only been waiting for twelve years, since the end of KH2; and five since it’s originally reveal, at E3 2013.

Mario Party

Makes a return, and dropped the stupid idea of everyone going around the board together, simultaneously. As you’d expect, there’re a bunch of new mini games and ways to play; including putting Switch screens together to create more stage layouts. I’m sure this will start more arguments than the cheesy trailer lets on.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

This game took up the majority of the Nintendo Direct, with Masahiro Sakurai going into great detail about all the new changes to his latest in the line of Smash games. 65 characters were shown. "Everyone is here" including the announcement of Ridley, from the Metroid series and, as given away with the original announcement trailer, Inklings are now playable. A lot of Moves have been tweaked and new Final Smash moves have been added. All stages now have an infinite abyss version and most importantly of all, Gamecube pads will be supported (using the same adapter as the Wii U. Smash is set for a  Dec 7th launch.

Battlefield V (5)

Which looks amazing, as soldiers run through the snow and the destructive environment explodes all around them. Single player seems to be War Stories, again, which I think worked well in BF1, so I’m okay with that. Dice show some gameplay from the online mode. You can now build things, like sandbag walls and gun turrets. There are no loot boxes and no premium pass. Only Custom characters cosmetics. A Battle Royal mode is set to be added to the game. likely at a later date


This is Bioware’s big new game we’ve all eagerly been waiting on some more information on, since it’s reveal last year. While we got some, it’s also left more questions. A new 'In engine’ trailer and some supposed gameplay made up what was shown, followed by a sit-down panel with the Devs... which was a bit weird. Individually you get your own hub world, where the story revolves around your character. The rest is a shared world, between all players. While people keep saying it’s not, to me it still sounds like Destiny or Monster Hunter. Javelin, the suits you wear in the world, are Customisable. There are four kinds of Javelin - Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm. Basically, these are character class. Microtransactions will only be for cosmetic items. It’s possible to play solo but it will be a little harder. Only showed a location that looked quite similar to what was shown last year and none of the rest of the world. Can only hope this isn't another Mass Effect Andromeda case.

I left these three for last, as they are all a long, long time away.

Halo Infinite

Was teased by Microsoft to open their show. The video was more a demonstration of 343 Studios new game engine, named Slip Space. It looks really pretty and looks to accommodate large open environments with tons of stuff going on. I'm not convinced that was running on Xbox One. Was it possibly a sneaky look into next gen?


Bethesda’s long rumoured sci-fi game. All we got was just a shot of space and a satellite. Now we all need to wait for Quakecon to find out more.

And even further out is:

Elder Scrolls VI

Just a touch of the tip. A view of the map and some music. No info or hint of a location. We're gonna be waiting for years. T_T

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