Thursday 16 August 2018

Do you want to WIN a CeX Voucher! Keep Reading!

Yes, you read right!

Want to win a £100 (or local currency equivalent) CeX Voucher?

For your chance to win, just leave a product review by the Friday of every week. Winners are picked at random from all published reviews and contacted to receive their vouchers.

To leave a review, head to and search for the product you want to review. Once you’ve selected your product, you can leave your review by clicking the “write review” button which is either found just below the product title (if it has been reviewed by others) or at the bottom of the page (if you’ve been lucky enough to get there first!).

Your review must be approved by the BazaarVoice* moderation team. Product reviews will not be approved if:
  • There is no review of the product itself
  • Contains links to other sites
  • Contains foul language, threats of violence or illegality

It is important that your review is about the product in question, not about the service or the status of the product (for that there are other channels). If, for example, you want to review a movie, say "American History X", you should discuss the film in question (eg "the movie is too slow", "the movie is too violent", "the movie has a great script, accompanied by a great direction and an excellent performance by Edward Norton, highly recommended ", etc.). If in the review you do not refer to the product in question but to the state in which it has arrived or the time it has taken to arrive, then that review will not be included for the draw. Good Luck!

* BazaarVoice are an online review company.

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