Tuesday, 22 October 2019

GRID 2019 ★★★☆☆

‘GRID: Autosport’ is one of the latest games from a previous generation to be ported over to the Nintendo Switch. It's become a small trend where these less performance-intensive games are being remade for the Switch. Usually, this tends to work out pretty well – the Switch is less powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One but still has excellent capabilities and allows you to have some of your favourites from the last generation, such as ‘Dragon’s Dogma’ and now ‘GRID: Autosport’ on the go.

Another thing to take in to account (in case you are wondering why this rather serious and pretty driving simulator is now coming over to the Switch) is that there is little to no competition for it in that market. Of course, you have the likes of Mario Kart, but that’s wildly different to games like ‘GRID: Autosport’ and there aren’t any good racing simulators currently out on the Switch.

I would say this is just a port but it has had a little bit more work done than that. For instance, there are some options for graphics and performance which is something that many will welcome on the Switch. You can choose Performance, which is a smooth 60fps, but with lower graphical fidelity, or the opposite where graphics and textures are improved but the game is locked at 30fps. There is even a Battery Saver mode which limits fps and lower graphics for those on the go – perfect considering the portability of the console. These are so very welcome and a bit of a surprise – I found myself mainly choosing graphics over anything else as I felt this worked best for the gameplay.

There are several modes that are on offer to play, such as Career Mode which has many different types of racing including off-road and street racing. There are a ton of tracks and loads of content on offer here that will keep you busy for days on end, and if you’ve watched the trailer (or indeed played the original game) then you’ll know how addictive and frustrating the game can be at times.

The only problem with ‘GRID: Autosport’ is that it really just feels like a game that came out five years ago (which it did). Racers have evolved since then with games such as ‘Need For Speed’ and my all-time favourite ‘Forza Horizon’ that have elevated this type of game to new levels, bringing a whole new gameplay experience with them.

‘GRID: Autosport’ is quite basic in its presentation and doesn’t offer anything you can really consider unique. It feels a bit like the developer saw an empty hole in the Switch market and just decided to release it, knowing it would sell well due to lack of competitors. It's not in any stretch of the imagination a bad game - rather just that things could have been tweaked a little or added to make it a really tempting offer to gamers.

If the Switch is the main or only console that you own and you’re a big fan of racing games then this one is certainly worth your money and time, particularly if you still enjoy that older style of racing gameplay. Don't go in expecting anything that is going to blow you away, like the open worlds of ‘Forza Horizon’ or the technical brilliance of ‘GT Sport – whilst a good game, ‘GRID: Autosport’ just can’t compete with them.

Hannah Read

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