Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Another Sight ★★★★☆

Alice and wonderland have inspired many things over the years, video games, porn movies, normal movies, books about maths, books about drugs, books about philosophy, history, psychology, and science. It even inspired an entire tea shop I once visited in the middle of China where they made cheesecake out of brie that caused me to vomit myself to death.

New to the fold is a gallop through, mainly, french history in a very Carollian style. Another Sight is a game about a young girl called Kit who has been blinded by a vague framing device and, as you'd expect, developed a telepathic relationship with a cat. Kit traverses her way through a beautiful landscape to reach "The Node" with the cat guiding and sometimes helping, by doing basic tasks like turning a small wheel, but without any tasks that could be directly related to a cat, like knocking ashtrays off a shelf above my bed just to be an asshole. 

It is a very simple, but relentlessly charming, puzzle platformer where you alternate between blind girl Kit, who can 'see' through sound and aforementioned Hodge, the mischievous cat who has just enough agency to perform simple tasks. The game is in three acts or so and you occasionally meet a famed celebrity, Jules Verne, Claude Debussy, as a kind of end-level boss. The first thing that becomes apparent here, is that the gameplay changes in style from a simple platformer, to puzzle platformer to an Assassin's Creed Chronicles style stealth game but in a way that feels really well designed and not like a jarring collection of mini-games which could have been a very real risk. The game is incredibly beautiful. The music is whimsical and haunting. 

The voice acting, normally a cringe-fest when a character adopts the accent that American's think English people have, is acceptable. Even though I recently had my heart-broken by someone with a posh English accent, nothing about it was jarring, especially not anywhere near the appalling voice acting in Layers of Fear 2.

Another sight is at times challenging but suffers from some weird game mechanics where, if Kit can't see where she is going to land she won't jump, but she will on occasion just wander off the edge to her death. Some of the objects you have to interact with aren't as clear as you'd like and there's sometimes a frustrating lack of direction. Overall it's charming, beautiful, and you'll feel satisfied with it as a brain teaser and platformer. Even nicer than a disgusting cheesecake.




David Roberts

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