Friday, 13 March 2020

Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary ★★★★☆

Platinum Games, the developers of the 'Bayonetta & Vanquish', have become one of my favourite action game developers from their work within the last ten years. They have gained some very recent success with "Astral Chain' and 'Nier: Automata', two games which are lauded by many and have some of the best and most unique combat systems within the genre. But, if you're talking properly about Platinum Games, then it's very difficult to do so without covering 'Bayonetta' and 'Vanquish'.

'Bayonetta' and 'Vanquish' are two distinct games by the developers that are very different in content but similar in the way they blend effective combat with fast-paced gameplay. 'Bayonetta' of course had a sequel, with the third due out in the next year or so for the Nintendo Switch, but really my favourite game in the series so far is the very first one, where we were introduced to the most famous witch in gaming and got to explore her story and combat style first-hand. 'Vanquish' on the other hand is a sci-fi action-filled shooter, filled with as many acrobatics as possible and honestly is just bonkers. Players find themselves sliding around all over the place in this pseudo-cover-based shooter that completely changed how we view this type of game.

In truth, it is hard for me to review the 'Bayonetta & Vanquish 20th Anniversary Bundle’ because, although the two remasters are from the same developer and are action-orientated, they are so very different takes on a certain style of game. Both are a little crazy in their own way (especially 'Bayonetta' when you start pulling off high string combos). The two games run very well on the current generation's hardware, boasting 4K graphics with 60fps and, like the original releases, there are few bugs in the games - something that we have come to expect from Platinum Games, given that they always produce games of high quality. 

With both games being included in the bundle pack you will be getting a lot for your money here (something I appreciate given the cost of gaming nowadays).  Maybe, like me, you didn't play these two when they were originally released and so missed out on them, or perhaps you have played them through countless times in the past but want to relive it all over again. Whatever your reason, I would definitely recommend picking this bundle up.

If you love action games like 'Devil May Cry', or you enjoy cover-based shooters like 'Gears Of War' but want something that raises the adrenaline a notch then you will almost certainly find something to satisfy your needs here. The only downside I can think of is that there hasn't been much added to the games, meaning that they are purely just upscaled versions of the originals. Not an issue for new players, of course, but if you're here for nostalgia then be aware that you won't get much more than that.

Hannah Read

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