Saturday, 14 March 2020

Zombie Army 4 ★★★☆☆

In this latest console generation, there has been a lack of a certain type of game coming out alongside - not indie games or Triple-A games, of which there have been many, but the type known as Double-A games. They usually strive to be one of the big games that come out, however, never quite have the budget and end up being forgotten about. Despite this, they still often end up being a fun experience to spend some free time in and 'Zombie Army 4' is the epitome of this type.

A sequel to the 'Zombie Army' trilogy that came out several years ago, the fourth instalment has you fighting off against a legion of zombies that has consumed Europe after Hitler raised them to fight his war (yep, that's a real plot). Hitler was defeated and cast off into hell but the zombies still remain, resulting in a lot of cleaning up to do.

The game can be played either solo or co-op (up to 4 people) and involves taking on various missions all over Europe to fight these hordes of zombies, plus some other monsters such as zombie sharks and zombified Nazi war tanks thrown in for good measure. The game comes from the creators of 'Sniper Elite' and so you'll probably notice some similarities within the gameplay - this is a good thing as it plays really well. The third-person shooting feels solid and enemies can really swarm you if you aren't thinking on your feet (not a game where you can stop for a quick sip of your coffee, I promise you). And of course, the slow-motion sniper bullet shots have come over from 'Sniper Elite' too which can be as satisfying as they are grotesque - personally, I always loved this feature, as grim as it can be, so was glad to see it in this game as well. 

The main campaign is around eight missions in total and a good run should take you around ten hours.  There is also a separate mode, Horde Mode, alongside this where you can see how long you survive against increasingly more difficult waves of zombies. It's fun, but I definitely feel that the main draw is the absurd main campaign. There are lots of possibility for repeat playthroughs here with how you approach each mission, and if you have a group of 3 other friends I can envisage a good weekend of fun with the game. This is unfortunately where the value seems to end There is probably a reason why AA games have thinned out in this generation and, although 'Zombie Army 4' is a fun game, I don't believe it is completely worth the price of entry.

If you are missing games such as 'Left 4 Dead' or are a little bored of the Zombie Mode in 'Call of Duty' then there will be a lot for you to like here. The action is fun and fast-paced and the game does take inspiration from other action game elements such as 'DOOM' glory kills that really add to the enjoyment. Don't expect a game that will have a long amount of longevity, though - unless there this a constant stream of new DLC to sink your teeth into then it may be one of those games that you end up shelving once the novelty wears off.


Hannah Read

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