Thursday, 11 June 2020

Father's Day Gift Guide

Just in case you forgot, this year father's day is on the 21st of June! But fear not,  we’re here to lend a helping hand to anyone who’s stuck trying to find a great gift that will let dad know just how loved they are. We know that dads have many different interests, so we’ve got you covered with plenty of options for any dad to enjoy.

The Film Buff

So dad has their super large screen TV, but it's a bit of an old model? Breathe new life into it with the Chromecast! For years these devices have been the best in turning any TV into a smart TV capable of streaming Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video and even YouTube. Chromecast is the cheapest and best way to do it.

With the Apple TV, your dad will have access to the best content. Anything from blockbuster films, gripping TV series and sports, to music, photos and more - all in beautiful HD. They can even play content from their iOS device or Mac on the TV wirelessly using AirPlay!

The Fitness Fanatic

Keeping fit is important, but these days, if your progress is not recorded on an app, it doesn't count! So grab your dad one of these lightweight, premium designed fitness trackers, which can track anything from steps to calories burned and that all-important heart rate, so your dad knows when they’re really working up a sweat.

If your dad is an iPhone lover but has been rocking basic earbuds for years now, show them some love and bring them into the world of true wireless headphones. The Apple AirPods Pro are packed with some great features. The noise-cancelling especially will come really handy on those jogs, when your dad just wants to block out the rest of the world and crank their favourite tunes. Pair that with overall improvements to sound and design and you have yourself an awesome gift for any dad.

The Photography Buff

This DSLR from Canon will certainly deliver in the image quality department. This is a great starting point for any dad looking to get more seriously into their craft. The 1300D allows them to tailor their photography experience with many additional accessories and lenses available on the market. Pair that with an easy to use control layout and wifi capabilities for quick file sharing and you’ll be the favourite child for sure!

With amazing size to performance ratio, this compact camera can really deliver out of the gate. This is ideal for any dad out there, who really enjoys capturing those special moments, but doesn’t want to lug around a giant camera bag full of different lenses and battery packs. Just be sure they don't share too many embarrassing photos of you!

The Music Buff

No other wireless speaker packs so much HiFi sound into such a clean & compact design. The PLAY:5 the biggest, boldest and most powerful speaker in the Sonos range. Your dad can enjoy their favourite music from the only wireless music system that combines warm, full-bodied sound with a powerful wireless network 100% devoted to streaming HiFi sound without dropouts. With everything controlled from one simple app, this is a superb gift for even the least tech-savvy dads out there.

With a sleek design, the Sennheiser HD 4.50 are a great set of noise-cancelling headphones for the dad on the go. Sennheiser’s capable NoiseGuard technology and travel-minded design mean that these wireless Bluetooth headphones are hard to find a fault with. Definitely one for any music connoisseur out there.

The Bookworm

This stylish e-reader from Amazon really has some awesome features that will make it a great reading experience for dad. There are a couple of main features that really set it apart from most other e-readers out there. The Audiobook functionality lets dad put those Bluetooth earbuds to good use and enjoy their books in a whole new way. Also, the Paperwhite has a waterproof design, which makes the dream of enjoying a good book in the bath with a glass of wine, a reality.

The iPad Mini really needs no introduction. It is arguably the best small form factor all-rounder you can get your hands on. For the dad who wants to do more than just read on the go, this light & compact tablet has everything from an ace camera and a vibrant screen to tons of storage and speedy performance. You would struggle to find a more elegant way to say "I love you dad".

The Gamer

If your dad is a gamer, then chances are they would have at one point played and loved the original Modern Warfare. Thankfully, the remastered version available on Xbox One & PS4 retains all of the original game’s raw power while offering enhanced graphics and modern updates to the still-busy multiplayer. And the campaign is more incredible than ever, making this a must-buy for dad.

We are not saying that every dad is a Star Wars fan, but if yours is, then the Fallen Order has an engrossing canonical story set between the prequel and the original movies. Your dad will be fighting through stormtroopers using a combination of force abilities and lightsaber skills. Jedi: Fallen Order takes a much more patient approach to combat than previous games, which makes it both more challenging and much more satisfying to play. This is definitely one for any dad Jedi in training.

The Techie

Nothing beats the Google Nest Mini when it comes to getting weather and news updates every morning. The Nest Mini 2 is a compact and very well designed speaker with good sound and Google Assistant built-in. Your dad can resolve debates by fact-checking on the go or just enjoy some of their favourite tunes throughout the house.

There is no doubt that the Apple Watch Series 5 is a premium product. Bursting at the seams with features, it is bound to put a smile on any dad’s face. Exercising with it has never been more enjoyable. Because the Series 5 has cellular capabilities, dad won't need to bring their heavy phone along for the run or bike ride, and can still enjoy all of their songs as well as be able to call you to pick them up when they've had enough. Pair that with the new "Always on display" & upgraded storage, and you have a Father's Day gift that will bring joy for years to come.

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