Thursday, 15 July 2021

We Repair Consoles & Tech

• No Fix, No Fee Promise
• 24-Month Warranty
• Over 370 Stores Across The UK
• 500,000+ Happy Customers
• 25+ Years Experience In Tech
• Screen and Battery Replacement Specialists

CeX Clinic's highly trained technicians are experts at repairing consoles, phones & gadgets. Whether your iPhone won't turn on, your console's making a strange sound, your tablet has a smashed screen or nearly any other issue, we can solve it, no fix no fee.

Available in all stores across England, Wales & Scotland.

Get your tech repaired in 4 simple steps!

1. Drop off at any store.
2. We send your device to our repair experts to fix.
3. We return it to the store you dropped it off at.
4. We ring you once your repaired device is ready for pick up!

Join over 1 Million CeX App users today!

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  1. Thanks for the post, also make post on COC Mod.

  2. One of the maximum important components of having a recreation console repair near me is the ENGLISH LANGUAGE ACADEMY free diagnostic exam. Every game console fix that we do starts with this free provider. The diagnostic take a look at allows us to discover the problem along with your device. Knowing exactly what is wrong permits us to provide you with a quicker restore.

    1. Whilst you choose us to do your game console restore close to me, we make sure that you get a great deal. If you find a lower posted price for the CHEMISTRY & BIOLOGY same repair, we can match and beat it through $five. Each carrier that we perform consists of a ninety day guarantee on parts and labor.