Monday, 6 March 2023

Great Gifts for Mother's Day

Great Mother's Day Gift
Great Gifts for Mum on Mother's Day
Treat mum to something special this Mother’s Day. Check out our range of gift ideas that will be sure to make mum smile!
Ghibli Films
Who doesn’t love a relaxing film that’s good to watch at any time, and with anyone? Studio Ghibli films hit that sweet spot, and have tons of rewatchability. Take a browse through our selection including hits such as Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro and much more.
Blu-ray DVD
Marvel Films
We all know that mum’s the real superhero! So why not let someone else do the whole saving the world schtick for once? Sit back and relax with the latest and greatest offerings from the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
Blu-ray 4K Blu-ray
Mario Games
Who doesn’t love a bit of Mario action on the side? There’s something for everyone! Adventure, platforming, retro classics, and of course, racing- why not get gaming with mum and see who’ll come out on top during a round of Mario Party?
Under €50 Under €20
Under €10 Retro Mario Games
Smart Watches
Being both stylish and functional, why not get mum a fancy smartwatch for Mother’s Day? Select from the latest and greatest from Apple, Samsung, Garmin, Google and much more!
Apple Android Hybrid
Headphones Let mum listen to her favourite music, podcasts, audiobooks and much more in peace with our huge selection of wired and wireless headphones.
All Headphones Apple Samsung
Open world adventure games Send Mum on an unforgettable adventure, with our selection of open world games. With endless worlds to explore across all kinds of genres, it’ll be like a holiday from home at, well, home!
Playstation Xbox Switch
Comedy Films Fill Mother’s Day with laughter with our side-splitting collection of comedy films- both corny and classic! We’ve got plenty to keep mum laughing all day long.
Under €15 Under €10 Under €5
Streaming Devices The perfect present for the mum who loves films and TV! Give the gift of endless entertainment with a streaming device like the Chromecast, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire Stick.
Apple Amazon Google
Smart Speakers Let mum relax on Mother’s Day and take away the daily stress with a voice-activated Smart Speaker. An Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini lets mum check the news, play music, order take-out and much much more, all from the comfort of the sofa!
Apple Amazon Google

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