Sunday 25 September 2011

"CeX pay more than the rest" say Which? & ITV

It's official, CeX pays more cash than the online companies who spend a fortune on TV ads trying to buy your old phones.

A joint investigation by the Consumers Association Which? and ITV Daybreak has found that it’s simple to recycle old or unwanted mobile phones at CeX and we pay more than the rest.

“Surprisingly, we also made more money by selling our phones on the high street than we did by using the online recycling sites, with national chain CeX paying £306 for our iPhone and £17 for the Samsung. Doing the deal in person meant that we could change our mind at any point and we also got our money on the same day, though we did have to wait a couple of hours while our phones were tested.”

Read the full verdict here and find your local CeX shop. CeX pay the same values online too, giving you another option if you are not lucky enough to live near a CeX shop.

This isn't the first time Which? has found CeX pays more for your stuff. Read the Which? report on where to sell your games, where CeX also came top.

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