Tuesday 31 January 2012

Resident Evil: Revelations

Resident Evil: Revelations is the next hand-held exclusive installment into Capcom’s iconic franchise. While the series has in a sense, gone through a loss of identity from survival-horror to action-horror, the transition has evolved Resident Evil and ultimately made it grow in popularity. Resident Evil: Revelations decides to take a shot at blending classic elements with modern gameplay by setting one half of its tale on an abandoned ocean liner, with the surroundings reminiscent of the claustrophobic Mansion in the original game. While the second half is set across various locations with modern action taking centre stage and less scares more bullets being the ideology behind those sections. Intertwined together, we have a very good entry in the Resident Evil series, but one that clearly shows what style of Resident Evil gameplay is more enjoyable than the other.

Revelations is set between the events of Resident Evil 4 and 5 with both Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield returning as lead protagonists. Unfortunately they aren’t side-by-side in this adventure as Revelations’ events occur in an episodic structure, with Jill partnered by Parker while Chris has a new female companion Jessica. Naturally the supporting characters aren’t as interesting as the two veterans but they provide occasionally interesting dialogue and help keep the game from feeling too lonesome (which ironically is what classic Resident Evil fans would have wanted). The story unfolds after a bioterrorist attack occurs on the artificial island of Terragrigia and then the inevitable release of a new strain of virus called the T-Abyss Virus aboard the Queen Zenobia a year later. With Chris confirmed missing, it’s up to Jill to find her old partner.

The episodic structure of Revelations makes it extremely apparent that the game is split into two different styles of gameplay. Much of your time at the beginning will be spent exploring the abandoned Queen Zenobia, which is a whole heap of fun. It really takes you back to Resident Evil’s roots by implementing nice jump-scares, bringing back limited ammo, forcing players to engage with puzzles while both atmosphere and tension are constantly high. The new type of enemies you encounter are called Ooze and while they aren’t initially terrifying in comparison to your traditional zombie, their ability to pop up out of anywhere makes them a fantastic new addition to the series. When the game sets you up for an action sequence is where Revelations takes massive influence from Resident Evil 4 and 5. Certain timed segments where you have to fend off a barrage of enemies quickly turns Revelations from a survival-horror game into an action-horror splice, but at least it has the courtesy to acknowledge it’s doing so. This isn’t a bad thing, on the contrary these sections are very enjoyable, but when placed side-by-side to Resident Evil’s traditional formula, one can very easily see what is the more engaging game type.

When you’ve finished playing through Revelations’ campaign mode, you can rest assured that there’s still plenty of fun to be had with the game. Not only do you unlock a harder difficulty, but Raid mode is always available to satisfy your thirst for high score dominance. You can play optionally two-player (locally or online) and eliminate all enemies in a given area as quickly as possible. Very reminiscent of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries, Raid mode is a load of fun offering an experience points system and weapon upgrades to keep you coming back for more. This time Capcom have done it right by coupling the experience with a fully-fledged game, as opposed to simply bringing it out as a stand-alone title.

From a technical perspective, Revelations is a very solid game. The graphics are incredibly impressive, the best Nintendo 3DS has to offer by a long way. The 3D is implemented well, offering a sense of depth that adds to the tension and horror, especially around the more claustrophobic ocean liner. Narrative and dialogue are passable, with certain characters having abysmal lines but thankfully Jill and Chris have the majority of camera time. The story while entertaining, feels somewhat convoluted and the episodic structure doesn’t really do the game any favours. Perhaps that’s me talking as an old school fan, but I can’t stand when events jump from past, to even further in the past, to present, to a few days after the initial past segment – it gets hard to follow and confusing. Nevertheless, that aside, it follows the Resident Evil formula and it’s worth sticking through to find out what happens at the end.

Revelations also supports the new Circle Pad Pro, which comes bundled with certain copies of the game. Initially your button layout uses the circle pad to move and aim, the right shoulder button to raise your weapon and Y to shoot. This is your traditional Resident Evil gameplay-style as your character is without the ability to move and aim a weapon. When you introduce the Circle Pad Pro however, the game opts for your modern Resident Evil 5 style controls except you can actually move while your weapon is raised – welcome to the 21st century Resident Evil! The ability to move the camera using the additional circle pad is also a welcome advantage. While not necessary, Nintendo’s new peripheral does make Revelations a more user-friendly experience.

In all honesty I am surprised how great Resident Evil: Revelations has turned out. I was always very excited for the title but had my reservations on it coming out for Nintendo 3DS. Well I’ve been proven wrong as the machine has held its own and has really pushed itself to allow Resident Evil: Revelations to flourish into a beautiful and well designed game. An impressive yet somewhat unbalanced blend of survival-horror and action-horror make up another successful instalment in the Resident Evil franchise. If you’ve finished playing your Mario games and are looking for a new handheld title, this is certainly the game for you.

9.0 | Gameplay |
Two different gameplay styles intertwine together to bring the best of both Resident Evil’s survival and action roots. Well-designed levels coupled with plenty of scares and a wealth of content makes Revelations a whole heap of fun to play.
9.0 | Presentation |
Revelations highlights the potential of the Nintendo 3DS by showing us just what the machine can do. Beautiful graphics and fantastic character and environment presentation makes this the best looking game on 3DS yet.

8.0 | Replay Value |
You’ll go through Revelations at least twice and then get stuck into Raid mode, which has replay value written all over it. If you have a friend you can play with, then even better.
9.0 | Final Thoughts |
Resident Evil: Revelations sets a precedent for games on the Nintendo 3DS. Title like Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D will now have a lot to live up to because this is a shining example of what Nintendo’s handheld can do. It is a great Resident Evil game at heart, embodying both traditional and modern elements of the series making it an engaging and appealing addition to the franchise until Resident Evil 6 comes out at the end of the year.

Igor Kharin.

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Wednesday 25 January 2012

Most anticipated games of 2012

Some of us will remember 2011 as one of the best years of modern gaming. With huge titles like, Batman: Arkham City, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Portal 2 and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception leading 2011’s star-studded line-up, one can only wonder if 2012 will be able to top such a terrific year. Well the simple answer is yes. 2012 Is going to be absolutely massive for the video game industry with new software and hardware set for release – here’s my personal rundown of 2012’s most anticipated.

10. The Last Guardian
Hailed as one of the lead innovators in the video game industry, Team Ico’s next project is hot on our list for 2012. Anybody who’s played Ico and Shadow of the Colossus will tell you how absolutely incredible and unique both of those titles are and with teaser footage showing more mesmerizing content, The Last Guardian is sure to shine. Unfortunately the original release date for The Last Guardian was somewhere in 2008 and continual delays are certainly making the video game industry lose faith and patience in Team Ico. Nevertheless, 2012 is make or break for this particular title and if it comes out, prepare for an experience like no other. In the mean time check out the HD collection of Ico & Shadow of the Colossus double pack if you didn’t have a chance to play through these classics.

09. Dragon’s Dogma
The challenging RPG has certainly made its way back into the hearts of conventional gamers after the success of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. Now it’s Capcom’s turn to give the devilishly difficult formula a whirl with their interpretation of brutal role-play gaming. Dragon’s Dogma promises an in-depth world filled with beautiful monsters and intertwined with technically challenging combat mechanics. The footage we have seen so far suggest it will be a faster paced version of Dark Souls, so prepare for more frantic gameplay.

08. Street Fighter x Tekken
The fighting genre made a miraculous come back in 2011 with Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat 9 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 seeing huge amounts of success. Now it’s time to build upon those foundations as 2012 prepares for Soul Calibur V, Dead or Alive 5 and Street Fighter x Tekken. Pitting two of the genres most successful franchises against each other continues to push the boundaries of genre crossovers, but what we’ve seen so far has done nothing but impress us. The Tekken characters seem to blend nicely into the Street Fighter formula and we’re looking forward to pitting Ryu against Jin Kazama.

07. Ninja Gaiden 3
The Ninja Gaiden reboot on Xbox is widely considered to be one of the most influential action adventure titles of modern gaming. Unfortunately Ninja Gaiden 2 failed to live up to the high standards the original set, leaving many fans of the series bitterly disappointed. Now Tecmo Koei bring us the third installment in Ryu Hayabusa’s tale, incorporating a more story-oriented experience into the brutal and violent hack ’n’ slash gameplay Ninja Gaiden is known for. We have high expectations and faith that this is going to be the best the series has to offer and another pinnacle moment for the action adventure genre.

06. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Well if Ninja Gaiden can’t do it, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance sure will. Another action adventure title set for 2012 but with the expert development staff of Platinum Games behind the project, this is sure to dazzle. As a huge Ninja Gaiden fan, I am terrified that this title will completely outclass Tecmo Koei’s efforts, but that’s not a bad thing at all for the industry. Metal Gear Rising should hopefully be the first of a long line of spin-off games in the legendary Metal Gear series.

05. Grand Theft Auto V
Rockstar are certainly pushing the boat out in 2012 with Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto V. Both franchises have huge followings and high expectations surrounding them, but there’s little doubt that they will sell in the millions. Unfortunately, figures tend to taint the critique of Rockstar games because even if the game isn’t that impressive (Grand Theft Auto IV), it still sells astonishingly. Looking back in hindsight however, it’s very difficult to call the last entry in the GTA series a good game. Rockstar need to completely overhaul the driving and shooting mechanics to make GTAV the best sandbox experience you can get your hands on.

04. Halo 4
I think we’re all excited just because of the name Halo. Nothing is known about Master Chief’s next adventure, but one can hope for a terrific sci-fi FPS experience. The series has so much to live up to and we can’t wait to see what 343 Industries has done with our beloved Spartan.

03. The Last of Us
If anyone had asked me 10 years ago whether I’d consider Naughty Dog to be my favourite developer of the modern era, I’d have laughed in their face. Lord behold, here we are as Naughty Dog lead development quality with their superb Uncharted series. The next project for the team is The Last of Us, which has been unveiled with a very interesting teaser trailer. Very reminiscent of I Am Legend starring Will Smith, the trailer showed two survivors hiding from what looked like infected zombies. One can only speculate what kind of game it could be, but we’re betting on a nice hybrid between Uncharted’s third-person adventure and Left 4 Dead’s amazing cooperative mode.

02. Bioshock Infinite
Bioshock was another game that set brand new standards for first-person adventure games. Blending terrific atmospheric gameplay with a great story and innovative enemies, Bioshock really was the perfect package. Similar to the Ninja Gaiden series however, the sequel Bioshock 2 failed to impress on numerous levels. Offering nothing new over the original, fans were left disappointed at the lack of difference between the two games. Fortunately for us, Bioshock Infinite takes the game away from Rapture and to a brand new city in the sky. With a new theme, new enemies and game mechanics, 2012 will finally see the true sequel to the superb Bioshock.

01. Resident Evil 6
Resident Evil has always been a staple video game franchise. Many fans were left lost amidst the transition from classic survival horror to action horror, but it’s undeniable that while Resident Evil 5 lacked any real creative spark, Resident Evil 4 is one of the best modern games conceived. Going back to what makes Resident Evil so fantastic, the sixth installment brings back Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield as they battle their way through various infected locations. The brand new trailer looked stunning and it’s definitely going to be one of this years biggest and best games.

There you have it! If that doesn’t wet your appetite for 2012, then I simply don’t know what will. Oh wait, I do – that’s just a small sample of this years big games as we will also see Hitman Absolution, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning, Syndicate, DMC: Devil May Cry to name a few more for 2012. So stay tuned as we bring you all the latest reviews of the top titles right here at webuy.com

Igor Kharin.
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Monday 23 January 2012

BBC finds CeX 'best deal'

It's official CeX is #1, again.

In a BBC investigation of where to sell your old mobile phones they found the "best deal came from CeX, a firm with both High Street shops and a website - webuy.com"

Read the BBC findings about CeX here or listen to the BBC Money Box podcast (we're just over half way through).

Start selling and see how much more you can get for you phone now at webuy.com

CeX was also rated #1 in a report by Which? and ITV recently and also in a seperate Which? report about selling electronics.

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Thursday 19 January 2012

New CeX at Livingtson St. Brooklyn

We've been expanding our stores in New York recently and Brooklyn is about to get a second CeX store. Hot on the heels of the Flatbush Avenue CeX, we're over the moon to let you know there's now a CeX open on Livingston Street, Brooklyn.

For a list of CeX stores across the USA click here. Want to tell us where you'd like a CeX then pop on over to the CeX facebook page and share your thoughts.

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Try Quickie for faster CeX

Want to know what your local CeX store has in stock when you're on the move? Need to know CeX buy, sell and exchange prices fast? Us too. Good news, the research labs at CeX Towers have developed CeX Quickie, a CeX search tool designed to make things faster easier for anyone using an internet enabled phone or tablet . Try Quickie here.

P.S. remember CeX stores have free unprotected CeX WiFi to make that search even faster.

He looks happy, which is important, but that beige phone won't work with CeX Quickie so it's all show. Any web enabled phone or tablet will work though. You can also try CeX Quickie on your computer too if you're curious, but it lacks the main site buy and sell functions.

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Monday 16 January 2012

CeX Google+ & Facebook

Join over 26,000 people who are following CeX on Facebook and the new kids on the block, but without the shocking Delfonics' cover, Google+ for news, reviews, banter and competitions.

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Thursday 12 January 2012

Best Games of 2011

Now that all the gift giving and receiving is over I’m sure plenty of you opened your stockings to find games ready for you to indulge in. 2011 was a phenomenal year for games and I wanted to take this opportunity to walk you through what I consider to be the best games of 2011.

10. FIFA 12 (all platforms)
FIFA 12 is a self-explanatory pick – as the best sports simulator on the market bar NHL 12, it’s impossible to ignore the limitless replay value this game can offer. Boasting incredible graphics, terrific physics and game mechanics, there’s really no excuse not to enjoy this game.

09. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (all platforms)
Activision continues dominating the first-person shooting market by grossing over $750 million in Modern Warfare 3’s first week of sales. Some may complain that nothing has changed and it’s the same experience as before, but there are noticeable changes that make this installment the best the series has to offer. In particular smaller maps prevent camping, new killstreak variants ensure gamers of various skill levels can enjoy the game online, the campaign concludes in thrilling fashion and endless replay value keep you hooked to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

08. L.A. Noire (all platforms)
Games that came out earlier in the year tend to be forgotten when people write their game of the year lists, but L.A. Noire deserves particular recognition and praise. Rockstar not only created a thoroughly entertaining detective game, but they have influenced the video game industry with the innovative Motion Scan technology used to digitize the faces of the actors in the game. This technology if progressed, could be an integral part of the video game industries future. As a result, L.A. Noire need to be remembered as potentially a pivotal game in 2011.

07. Dead Space 2 (X360 & PS3)
Dead Space is my favourite modern horror franchise. Coming out of nowhere, this psychological thriller boasted incredible gameplay mechanics, terrific atmosphere and a whole load of horrifying aliens to decimate. The hit sequel introduced a voice for lead protagonist Isaac Clarke, which to some may or may not have been an integral addition, however it certainly added an extra layer of psychological menace to the story as Isaac battled against the aliens and himself. That aside, if you’re looking for an intense 3rd person shooter, this is where to go.

06. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)
Skyward Sword continues to do what every The Legend of Zelda does upon release – build upon the same formula bit by bit. Nothing really has changed since the good old days of The Ocarina of Time, but the introduction of some modern-day gameplay elements alongside Wii Motion Plus, makes Skyward Sword one of Nintendo Wii’s best games by a long way. With the Wii U coming out this year, it’s safe to say that there won’t be a better game released on the original Wii than Skyward Sword, so if you’re looking for a dramatic exit, then give Skyward Sword a go.

05. Dark Souls (X360 & PS3)

I wish I could put this game at number 1, I really do – but it’s just too difficult. Dark Souls is an incredible role-play game. It balances a beautiful world with fantastic gameplay, atmosphere and mechanics to create the perfect adventure. The online interaction with other players is also second to none. However, and it’s just such an unfortunate however, it’s too difficult. Dark Souls isn’t cheap, but it’s very brutal and at times, incredibly frustrating. If there was just some way to release a Director’s Cut or introduce some way to make it a tad easier for players who aren’t capable of handling the insane difficulty curve, it would be my game of the year and a much better RPG than The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

04. Portal 2 (all platforms)

What started as nothing more than filler for The Orange Box has now become an Internet sensation and as a result, spawned one of 2011’s best titles. Portal 2 followed in the glorious footsteps of the original, intertwining hilarious narrative and dialogue with clever physics-based puzzles using a Portal Gun. The story is intriguing, the puzzles are challenging and the whole experience culminates in fantastic fashion. The introduction of a multiplayer mode allowed you to play with a buddy on and offline, which was a brilliant addition to the series. Portal 2 is one the best modern games you’ll play without doubt.

03. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (all platforms)

Some of you will be shocked that Skyrim isn’t number 1 on my list, but I don’t see how it deserves that position in all honesty. The game is certainly terrific – the expansive world and endless quest logging makes for an engulfing but in my opinion, a suffocating experience. There’s too much going on for me and while I understand all of the positive elements of Skyrim, I believe it’s too ambitious and the development team weren’t big enough to cope with the sheer size of the vision they originally set out for Skyrim – why else are there horses flying about mountains and dragons merging with buildings? That aside, Skyrim is probably (sigh) the best role-play game ever made, even though I feel like I’m lying to myself when I say that.

02. Batman: Arkham City (all platforms)

How do you top a game like Arkham Asylum? You don’t, that’s the simple answer unfortunately. What Arkham City does is acknowledges that the original title was just so freaking good that the best thing to do is continue straight along the same path. As a result, Arkham Asylum brings almost nothing new to the table in terms of combat, but introduces a more expansive city to traverse (North Gotham) and a brand new elegantly designed story. With the introduction of new characters the story was entertaining and made Arkham City just as much fun as the original. Lots of side-missions and secrets make North Gotham a dark and vivid place to explore well worth your time.

01. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (PS3)

My number one choice is hands down Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. 2011 was a terrific year for video games but the third installment in Naughty Dog’s series was clearly head and shoulders above the competition. In terms of technical proficiency, the game was stupendous, marvelous, and simply brilliant. Not only was it the most beautiful game of 2011, it was the most exciting and most engaging. Drake is a fantastic protagonist who holds a fantastic ensemble of characters together as a dramatic and thrilling story unfolds in Drake’s Deception. 2011 didn’t have a better game than this.

Hope you had a brilliant New Year and if you didn’t get your hands on any of these games, get down to your local CeX and pick them up – you’ll be in for a real treat.

Igor Kharin.

Do you agree? Head over to the CeX facebook page and share your thoughts with the CeX Community.

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Thursday 5 January 2012

Saints Row: The Third

Why do we play video games? Some of us play for an immersive experience, others pick up a pad so they can play with friends, but most of us turn on our consoles to have a fun time. Make no mistake, you won’t find a heart-churning story or thought provoking characters guiding you through Steelport City – rather Saints Row: The Third takes open world adventure to a whole new level with full emphasis on creating absolute carnage and having the time of your life. This is a game that knows exactly what it’s supposed to deliver and does so while ensuring at all times that you are having a lot of fun – so compare it to Grand Theft Auto all you want, but there’s enough here to nullify that comparison as Saints Row: The Third has a huge personality of its own.

Saints Row: The Third sets an over-the-top benchmark from the word go as your gang finds itself in Steelport City. No knowledge is required of Saints activity in previous games as this installment introduces Steelport as a fantastic new playground with three rival gangs to contend with. After an inventive bank heist goes wrong, you’re forced to battle for dominance against the Morning Star, a group controlling the sex trade and manufacturing superhuman thugs, the Deckers, a gang of money launderers and the Luchadores, who control the gambling scene. Each rival gang gleams with personality and cater nicely to their stereotypes. It becomes apparent very early on that Saints Row: The Third won’t at any point take itself seriously, which actually allows the story to be highly entertaining, introducing some great characters along the way and keeping things light-hearted and comical throughout. This is especially prevalent in your character creation segment where only your wildest imagination can act as a barrier between a scandalously dressed vixen to an absurdly dressed hulk-like man – however you choose to create and customize your character, the chances are they won’t come out as a serious protagonist.

While there is a certain element of structure in Saints Row: The Third, you are given enough freedom from the get-go to pretty much do whatever you want. In previous Saints Row games, players would approach individual gangs and tackle their particular missions, but here the story interconnects your enemies, creating a much more open-ended story. The way you choose to interact with each gang can have different results on how the story plays out, what missions become available later on and how territory and environments change across Steelport. While the main missions are important, you’ll be pretty caught up with the crazy carnage that is presented to you outside of the story in side missions. A variety of content including gang warfare, mini-games, conquering territory and let’s not forget Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax show, are just a few of the crazy things you can get up to in Steelport, and that’s not to mention the fun time you can have by simply causing havoc without a goal set in place.

Saints Row: The Third does an excellent job blending third-person action with driving and flying gameplay, ensuring there’s always something fun and different to do at any given time. Playing through the various missions and completing certain goals rewards you with respect, which are experience points. These points can be used to improve key attributes, unlock perks and increase your gang size, while the in-game money purchases clothes, weapons, cars, shops, properties and upgrades for all of the above, making your life as a gangster, that much easier and more fun. There’s nothing quite like piloting a fighter jet across Steelport and decimating everything in sight, or taking to the streets in a pimped out car that looks like it just came out of a Fast & Furious movie. However you go about your business in Saints Row: The Third, you will feel like a superstar.

For all the good that can be said about Saints Row: The Third, it’s surprising that very little actually flaws the game dramatically. Unfortunately in comparison to today’s technical masterpieces like Uncharted 3, this certainly falls down in the graphical department. Steelport is a pretty city, but lacks that certain personality required to really make it feel alive. The open-world environment is actually a false pretense, with many environmental features, vehicles and even people simply popping onto the screen as you draw nearer. The narrative and audio is rather hit and miss too, with some dialogue being incredibly comical, while at other times it’s just downright cringe worthy. The game has some occasional problems recognizing that you’ve completed segments of missions and the AI in general lacks any sort of intelligence. These issues are very small and don’t hamper the experience significantly, but they are prevalent enough to be noticeable throughout your time with Saints Row: The Third. That being said, the fact that the concentration is dramatically aimed at having an absolute blast, it makes it that much easier to overlook these niggling issues because really, they don’t stop you from having a brilliant time.

Emphasis on enjoyment isn’t made anymore clear than with the inclusion of a cooperative game mode. Saints Row: The Third allows you to bring a buddy along for the ride. Participating in missions or just causing mayhem on the streets, it doesn’t matter what you get up to because the results are always hilarious. This extra addition adds another dimension to Saints Row: The Third because being able to share the fun with a real friend makes it that much more entertaining. There’s even a competitive game mode called Cat and Mouse, forcing one player to try and kill the other before they get to an end goal. Again however, with great fun comes little issues that have to be mentioned – the carnage can cause some graphical hitches and for some bizarre reason, you can’t replay through missions you’ve already completed and both players have to be up to the same point in the story to play together.

What’s a modern game without a Horde mode these days right? Well Saints Row: The Third brings to the table, what it likes to call “Whored mode.” This aptly named survival mode doesn’t offer the same level of technical challenge that other high profile games may, but it allows you to hit people across the head with large purple sex toys, seriously what more do you want? Versatility in waves and an overabundance of absurd ways to complete them makes Whored mode a bunch of fun.

Ultimately Saints Row: The Third deserves a heap of praise because it knew what it wanted to achieve right off the bat and delivered it in spades. Here is an experience catered for an over-the-top and ridiculous time and you get nothing but that. They say knowing your weaknesses will make you stronger, well Saints Row: The Third completely omits that life lesson and smashes it over the head with a purple dildo (its in the game) – you want carnage, action and a whole load of fun, well Saints Row: The Third is home to that and more, so go grab a copy and prepare for a wild and hilarious time.

9.0 | Gameplay |
So much fun. A wide variety of content to get stuck into, plenty of weapons, vehicles and tools of destruction are present to keep you causing havoc in lots of fun and unique ways. An excellent level up and upgrade system consistently rewards you with really cool stuff for simply playing the game.

7.5 | Presentation |
Certain elements of Saints Row: The Third look great, but in general it doesn’t really keep up with the modern heights of gaming. The false pretense of a giant open world is slightly disappointing. But it’s rare to find time to complain about these little issues because you’ll be too busy engrossed in the ridiculous action.

9.0 | Replay Value |
There’s plenty to get your teeth stuck into here. Lots of side missions intertwine nicely with the main story. Cooperative is a real blast and Whored mode can keep you coming back for more long after you get bored of Steelport.

9.0 | Final Thoughts |
Respect is given when respect is due. Saints Row: The Third knows exactly what it isn’t and what it is. It’s not a technical marvel, it’s not an emotional masterpiece, but it’s heaps of fun and overall a testament that sometimes all a game needs to be successful, is utter chaos.

Igor Kharin.

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