Thursday 30 July 2020

iPhone Buyer's Guide

Looking for the perfect iPhone? Can’t decide which one’s right for you? Never fear, CeX is here with our handy breakdown so you can find the perfect iPhone for you.

iPhone SE (Gen 2)

Apple's revamp of the iPhone SE brings back everything that you loved about the iPhone 7 & 8 (Including the sorely missed fingerprint scanner!) but packs it full of cutting edge tech and a great camera to give you one of the best value for money phones available right now. If you want old-school looks with new-school tech and iOS software updates for many years to come, this is the phone for you!

Screen: 4.7”
Camera: 12MP
Storage: 64GB / 128GB / 256GB
Colours: Black / White / (RED)
Processor: A13 Bionic Chip

iPhone 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max

If you’re crazy about those camera capabilities or are even just a bit of a picture perfectionist, this is the iPhone for you.

The 11 Pro range boasts 3 cameras at the back: Ultra Wide, Wide and Telephoto cameras & 4k video recording. You’ll also find a selfie camera that can capture slow-mo, or as Apple call it a “slofie”, and an incredible step up in Night Mode from previous iterations. The Pro and the Pro Max both come with Face ID and  Apple Pay. The 11 pro range is splash, dust and water-resistant with amazing OLED displays.

Screen: Pro 5.8” / Pro Max 6.5”
Camera: 12MP
Storage: 64GB / 256GB / 512GB
Colours: Gold / Silver / Space Grey / Midnight Green
Processor: A13 Bionic Chip

iPhone 11

If you’re looking for a newer iPhone with a big screen and some great camera capabilities, this is the one for you, with the added bonus of coming in some playful pastels too!

The iPhone 11 comes with a dual-camera at the back, 4k video recording, a selfie camera that captures slow-mo and carries an impressive Night Mode function. It’s part of the overall iPhone 11 range, so of course, you also get apple standards such as Face ID and Apple Pay. The iPhone 11 is splash, dust and waterproof resistant and is a bit like the 11 Pro’s younger, more fun cousin. What makes it more fun? Apple launched an entirely new colour range with the iPhone 11 which you can get in some amazing pastels as well as their white & black variants.

Screen: 6.1”
Camera: 12MP
Storage: 64GB / 128GB / 256GB
Colours: Green/Yellow/Purple/White/Black/Product Red
Processor: A13 Bionic Chip

iPhone XR

The XR is the perfect iPhone if you want something modern, colourful and to cover all the basics, without splashing out on features that you just won’t use.

The iPhone XR is great if you want a fun, up-to-date phone, without paying out more for extra cameras that you might not need! The iPhone XR has a 12MP camera, 4k video recording and a sharp 7MP front-facing camera for your Animoji & Memoji fix. FaceID capabilities and Apple pay feature in the phone. The iPhone XR is splash, dust and water-resistant.

Screen: 6.1”
Camera: 12MP
Storage: 64GB / 128GB 
Colours: Yellow / White / Black / Blue / Coral / Product RED
Processor: A12 Bionic Chip

iPhone XS & XS Max

The iPhone XS and the XS Max are pretty much identical, with the same specs, colour and capacity options, so it really just depends how big you want your screen to be!

The XS and XS Max hold pretty much the same insides as the XR, but with an elegant glass back design. The XS and XS Max mirror the dual camera from the previous iPhone X, with 4k video recording and a 7MP front-facing camera. As with every phone from the iPhone X range, the XS and XS Max have FaceID, Apple pay and both phones are splash, dust and water-resistant.

Screen: XS 5.8” XS Max 6.5”
Camera: 12MP
Storage: 64GB / 256GB / 512GB
Colours: Silver /Space Grey / Gold
Processor: A12 Bionic Chip

iPhone X

With the slogan “Say hello to the future” that’s exactly what it was for them, a piece of the future. For the hardcore Apple fans, grab yourself a piece of Apple history as these are no longer being produced.

Apple’s iPhone X was the first of their phones to feature a “bezel-less” design. It’s sleek, it’s shiny and was a phone full of iPhone firsts for Apple. The iPhone X boasted Apple’s first 5.8” OLED phone screen. Face ID was also introduced, removing the fingerprint scanner that you see in the iPhone 8 range, allowing for an edge to edge display. 

The back features dual 12MP cameras, with 4k video recording capabilities, as well as Apple’s first TrueDepth 7MP camera at the front. The iPhone X is splash, dust and water-resistant.

Screen: 5.8”
Camera: 12MP
Storage: 64GB / 256GB
Colours: Silver /Space Grey 
Processor: A11 Chip

iPhone 8 & 8 Plus 

If you’re not a fan of FaceID, aren’t fussed about fancy colours or just simply don’t mind not having the latest phone, then maybe an iPhone 8 is the one for you.

The iPhone 8 & 8 Plus are true to the iPhone’s original designs. It pretty much shares most of the internal bits of an iPhone X, but imagine all of that in the body of an iPhone 7 and you’ve got yourself the 8 range. Big on the inside, but smaller on the screen size.

The 8 Plus shows 12MP dual cameras on the back, whilst the iPhone 8 has one 12MP camera, both phones have 4k recording capabilities and 7MP front-facing camera. This was the last Apple phone to have fingerprint ID, it still has Apple pay. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are both splash, dust and water-resistant.

Screen: 8 4.7” / 8 Plus 5.5”
Camera: 12MP
Storage: 64GB / 128GB
Colours: Silver / Space Grey / Gold 
Processor: A11 Chip

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

If you want a cheaper phone that still does it all, grab yourself an iPhone 7 today. 

The iPhone 7 is a great phone for those who don’t want something overly flashy, in fact, it’s currently our most popular iPhone! It’s a great starter phone for anyone just getting into iPhones, and covers all your basic needs in one device!

The iPhone 7s have a great 12MP camera on the back, with 4k video recording capabilities and 7MP front-facing camera. Both phones have Fingerprint ID, Apple pay and are splash, dust and water-resistant. 

Screen: 7 4.7” / 7 Plus 5.5”
Camera: 12MP
Storage: 32GB / 128GB
Colours: Silver / Black / Gold / Rose Gold
Processor: A10 Chip

iPhone SE

This small but mighty machine is great for anyone who’s really not a fan of the larger, thinner designs of more recent iPhones. Compact and clever, the iPhone SE might just be for you. 

If the iPhone SE had a cap it would read Tiny but Powerful. You’ll find a 12MP back camera with 4k recording capabilities that were leaps ahead of its time and a 1.2MP front-facing camera as well as Fingerprint ID. Released with an A9 chip, more powerful than its successor in the iPhone 6, and a 4” screen, the iPhone SE is more than capable of covering all of your basic needs. 

Screen: 4”
Camera: 12MP
Storage: 32GB / 128GB
Colours: Silver / Black / Gold / Rose Gold
Processor: A9 Chip

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Tuesday 21 July 2020

TOP 10 Nintendo Switch Racing Games

10. Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix

An often-overlooked entry in the kart racer genre, Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix deserves your attention. While you might not be able to play Mario Kart on the PS4, the addition of Nickelodeon’s pantheon of toon characters makes this a more than worthy alternative. With a much more expansive roster of racers compared to its predecessor, you can now play as characters from all eras of Nicktoons, including classics like Rocko’s Modern Life and Hey Arnold!, as well as the most popular shows releasing today. 

9. Monster Energy Supercross 3

Motocross might be a niche sport in the grand scheme of things, but you shouldn’t overlook Monster Energy Supercross 3. It builds upon its predecessor, combining realistic racing with thrilling online multiplayer for endless replayability. Throw in an intuitive track building feature, and the long-awaited inclusion of female racers, and you’ve got the best two-wheeled racer on the Switch.

8. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

This remaster of the cult classic kart racer has managed to retain all of the charm and fun of the original CTR, making it a great game for local co-op or tearing up the leaderboards online. But this isn’t just cheap nostalgia bait, and developers Beenox has added more than a graphical update. Brand new unlockable kart parts, character skins and customisation items mean there’s even more incentive to be the fastest on the track.

7. Grip: Combat Racing

Essentially Rollcage for the modern generation, Grip is full-throttle fun. You can drive on any surface: the ground, walls and even the ceiling, in highspeed, low-gravity races. Throw in extensive vehicle customisation options and some cool course designs, and you’ve got a larger than life racer that’s not to be missed.

6. Gear.Club Unlimited 2

Featuring over 30 iconic cars, 200 unique courses and a meaty career mode to sink your teeth into, Gear.Club Unlimited 2 is an underrated gem not to be missed. Couple this with gorgeous graphics that really pop on the Switch screen and gameplay that deftly straddles the line between arcade accessibility and realistic driving physics, and you’re on to a winner. See you on the track!

5. Moto GP 20

The latest entry in the Moto GP series remains the high benchmark for motorcycle sims. An advanced AI system means your opponents react to you and other racers in real-time, meaning no two laps will ever feel the same, making for one of the most realistic motorcycling sims ever. Couple this with a meaty career mode, as well as a chance to play using bikes from some of the most famous races in history, and you’ve got one of the best racing games ever to grace a handheld console.

4. Burnout Paradise Remastered

Burnout is a legendary racing series, and the remaster of Burnout Paradise is without a doubt one of the most satisfying racing experiences on the Switch. Set in Paradise City, races and challenges are held through an open sandbox world full of traffic-heavy roads. There’s no end to the joy of finding new alleyway shortcuts, pulling off more near misses and making the most of the living, breathing fantasy race world around you. 

3. Team Sonic Racing

Often overlooked in the world of character kart racers, Team Sonic Racing is definitely worth your time. Why? Unlike many of its peers, it has a full campaign full of races and challenges, and an overall emphasis on teamwork. Whether you’re playing solo or in multiplayer co-op, you’ll have to work with a cavalcade of characters to ensure you finish at the top of the podium.

2. WRC 8

WRC 8 is the perfect game if you like to get dirty… in a muddy rally car that is! The latest entry in the storied rally championship series, WRC 8 features a comprehensive career mode, 100 unique tracks and a solid 30fps in docked mode. Like rally driving itself, it’s a difficult game to master, requiring split-second decision making. But this also makes it one of the most satisfying racing sims on this list.

1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The king of the kart racers, nothing comes close to Mario Kart on the Switch. With the near-perfect balance between pick-up-and-playability and challenge, MK8D truly does cater for everyone. Whether entertaining your grandparents or duking it out with the best online, you’ll find a satisfying experience no matter what you’re looking for.

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Monday 20 July 2020

Shortlist recommends CeX for the best games at the best prices!

"You’ll find mountains of cheap used Xbox One and PS4 games"

Short List recommends CeX for the best games at the best prices!

Join over 1 Million CeX App users today!

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TOP 10 Nintendo Switch Horror Games

10. Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars

Ever played Civilisation IV and thought ‘there aren’t enough vampires’? Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars has your back. A turn based strategy title set in an alternative Europe which is ruled by feuding vampire clans, this is a really slick game with a really fun premise. It’s nice that it isn't needlessly complicated for the sake of it, making it a great title for newer players to dive into the genre. We’d recommend picking it up on the Switch above anything else, as the fast pace of combat makes it perfect for the portable console. 

9. Call of Cthulhu

Based on the tabletop RPG of the same name, Call of Cthulhu is the game to play to get your hit of cosmic horror. Taking place just after WWI, you play as an army veteran tasked with investigating a mysterious fire that took place on the island of Darkwater. Like Professor Layton’s gothic cousin, this game combines satisfying deduction and puzzles with a truly oppressive, gloomy atmosphere. Fans of Lovecraftian horror cannot miss this game.

8. Vampyr

One of the more nuanced horror titles on this list, Vampyr is a hidden gem that deserves your attention. Putting you in the role of blood transfusion specialist turned vampire, you have to wrestle with your morals and new desire to consume human blood. With a great story, solid gameplay and enough player autonomy to get you truly invested, this is one game that definitely doesn’t suck!

7. Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise

Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise is a bit like the old jacket you like - completely broken but oozing with charm. The time-hopping horror crime thriller picks up the surreal plot left by its predecessor, in which you have to solve a murder mystery in a small Louisiana town. It might not be the most technically competent game, but the characters are some of the most charming found in gaming, the gameplay is campy fun and you can skateboard while wearing a suit. Now that’s the American Dream!

6. Death Mark

A point and click game for a new generation, Death Mark isn’t to be tackled lightly. This adventure combines the every day with horrific monsters that would make Junji Ito’s stomach turn. The game relies on ratcheting up an impending sense of dread, rather than bombarding you with frights, making it a test of your bravery to even continue playing. One for only the bravest!

5. Little Nightmares: Complete Edition

A platformer-puzzler in the same vein as Limbo and Inside, Little Nightmares’ dark palette feels as if it were plucked from Tim Burton’s notebook. You play as Six, a nine-year-old girl who has to escape a giant ship called The Maw. Genuinely creepy without relying too heavily on jump scares, it’s definitely one to play alone on a dark, stormy night.

4. Friday the 13th: The Game

The king of slasher movies has become the king of asymmetrical horror multiplayer! You play as either Jason Voorhees himself, or one of a gang of campmates on a mission to outwit the world’s most violent hockey fan as you attempt to escape with your life. With a ton of extra skins, weapons, signature kills and more, this complete edition couldn’t be any more stacked with DLC.

3. Luigi’s Mansion 3

If you’re looking for a horror game to play with the kids, look no further than Luigi’s Mansion 3. In the third instalment of the cult classic series, our beloved hero Luigi has found himself in another haunted manor, where he’ll have to use all his courage and cunning to save the day and his friends. The perfect balance of puzzles, action and charm, it demonstrates how Nintendo can master any genre. It also has to be in the running for the best looking game on the console, the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom have never looked better.

2. Dark Souls Remastered

The granddaddy of the ‘git gud’ style of games, Dark Souls looks stunning and plays even better on the portable console. Full disclosure, you’ll have to play in docked mode to see the infamous ‘You Died’ screen in glorious 1080p, but once you’re hacking and slashing on the go, I guarantee this won’t bother you much. There’s also an exclusive Solaire of Astora Amiibo that released alongside the game which is exciting if you’re into that stuff.

1. Doom

The best horror FPS by a country mile, consider the Switch port of Doom to satiate your sadistic streak. The frenetic, non-stop action feels right at home on the console, as you mow down wave after wave of hellspawn. If you’re looking for a deep storyline, look elsewhere, if you’re looking for some of the tightest gameplay around, rev up your chainsaw and get chopping.

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