Thursday, 16 July 2020

TOP 10 Nintendo Switch Sports Games

10. Sports Party

Ubisoft’s answer to Wii Sports, Sports Party turns popular sports such as frisbee, basketball, golf and skateboarding into fun party games. With no online function, this is a game designed to be played with friends in local co-op, and with the advanced motion controls found in the Switch’s Joy-Cons, the gameplay is crisp and satisfying.

9. Monster Energy Supercross 2

Motocross might be a niche sport in the grand scheme of things, but you shouldn’t overlook Monster Energy Supercross 2. A vast improvement on its predecessor, it combines realistic racing with thrilling online multiplayer for endless replayability. Throw in an intuitive track building feature, and you’ve got the best two-wheeled racer on the Switch.

8. Fitness Boxing

Feeling like the lovechild of Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution, Fitness Boxing combines the best of both. Unlike the former, you only need your Joy-Cons to get started, and after a slow start you’ll soon be working up a sweat jabbing, ducking and uppercutting. Featuring 20 chart-topping tracks to keep in time to, it’s a great way to stay fit at home.

7. Trials Rising

Trials Rising is a super fun game and the total package! With a staggering array of tracks and all of the stunts and races you could ask for, this might just be the best instalment in the Trials franchise. The track editor and online competitions will keep you and your buddies entertained for ages. Pait that with sweet customisation options and a soundtrack you can definitely write home about and you can see why Trials has proved its right at home on Nintendo Switch.

6. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Mario & Sonic team up once again run, jump, swim and ride their way to the top of the podium. Featuring a veritable smorgasbord of minigames, the 6th entry in the series now includes a Tokyo 64 mode (1964 being the last time Tokyo hosted the Olympics), in which characters and maps are transported back to their 8/16 bit roots. It’s a nice, retro-themed addition that helps make this a must buy ahead of the Summer games next year!

5. Just Dance 2020

Dancing is a sport, right? Well, Just Dance is the unparalleled king of dancing games, and this year see’s the series celebrate its 10th birthday. Although it doesn’t revolutionise the formula, it features some of the most iconic tracks from its back catalogue, offering a healthy dose of nostalgia to proceedings for longtime, loyal fans. Throw in an optional subscription service that unlocks over 500 exclusive tracks, and you’ve got enough content to keep you jiving all year long. 

4. NBA 2K20

Take basketball on the go with NBA 2K20. This entry is a massive step forward for the series, with progression now less of a grind, mitigating the need to purchase in-game currency. What’s more, 2K20 sees the debut of the WNBA in the series, with all 12 league teams featured. A great step forward in terms of equality, and adds a welcome new dynamic to the gameplay.

3. Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces is an absolute blast. The gameplay is as fast-paced and as fluid as a Mario Kart title, with enough power-ups and special moves to do what Wimbledon never could… make tennis exciting! Mario themed sports titles are often overlooked gems, and Mario Tennis Aces is no exception. 

2. FIFA 20

Unlike other consoles, the Switch’s Fifa 20 is actually just a reskin of Fifa 19, with updated rosters and kits. That’s not to say this version is any less fun, with all the fan favourite modes, including Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and more! Take football action on the go with the most realistic sim to ever be released on a handheld console.

1. Ring Fit Adventure

The spiritual successor to Wii Fit, Ring Fit Adventure takes the home exercise formula and throws in an RPG story. Only Nintendo… But seriously, what might seem like a gimmick really helps to keep you motivated. Performing simple exercises to take down nasty beasties is brilliantly addictive, and with intensity ranging from beginner to ‘making Joe Wicks wheeze’, you’ll be getting swole in no time!

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