Wednesday, 15 July 2020

TOP 10 Nintendo Switch Strategy Games

10. Wargroove

If you’re a fan of the old Nintendo classic Advance Wars, you’re absolutely going to love this game. Gorgeous throwback pixel art graphics and over a dozen hours of campaign mean there’s plenty here to keep you busy, and the surprisingly smart AI ensures that the expansive maps are grounds for some really epic battles. There’s also fantastic multiplayer options here, including an incredibly detailed map designer you can use to devise your own challenges.

9. Disgaea 5 Complete

Definitely one of the more tongue-in-cheek games in the genre, Disgaea 5 Complete puts all its cards on the table from the first loading screen, in which you’re greeted with a blue penguin performing a ballerina’s pirouette. But despite this zaniness, it’s a pretty straightforward story to follow. The real depth is in its strategic mechanics, which are some of the most comprehensive and detailed that we’ve ever seen. This gives it a steeper learning curve than most, but once you get your head around it, you can easily sink hundreds of hours into the experience. 

8. Valkyria Chronicles 4

Chances are you haven’t played all (if any) Valkyria Chronicles games before, given the series’ sporadic availability, both by region and console. Fortunately, the fourth main entry is a great entry point and is arguably the best game to date. You control a group of elite soldiers in a major world war, engaging in turned-based combat against a beautiful, painterly world. It’s a gripping narrative that offers plenty of replayability.

7. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Essentially X-COM in the Mushroom Kingdom, the cast of Mario and Ubisoft’s Rabbids star in turned-based battles that have more depth and polish than they have any right to be. Couple this with plenty of unlockables, puzzles and colourful visuals and you’ve got a game that comfortably exceeds all expectations. 

6. Banner Saga Trilogy

If you’re looking for a strategic RPG that’s dripping with rich Norse mythology, look no further than the Banner Saga Trilogy. Combining turned-based combat with sprawling conversation trees, every decision matters as you forge your story in this epic world. Complemented with a memorable cast of supporting characters and a gripping soundtrack, it’s a game that deserves your attention. 

5. Diablo III: Eternal Collection

Although the package offers very little brand new aside from a Ganondorf armour set, it is objectively the most polished version of the game to date, making it well worth a pick up for old and new fans alike. Although character design struggles a bit in dock mode, this is not an issue in handheld, looking good in 720p and playing oh so buttery smooth.

4. This War of Mine Complete Edition

This War Of Mine sees its first-ever physical release on the Switch this month, bundling in all available DLC content for good measure. The anti-war survival game sees you take control of a number of civilians, as they attempt to endure life in a war-torn city in a poignant, sometimes heart-wrenching narrative that demonstrates that we truly are in the midst of an indie game renaissance. 

3. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Adapted from a tabletop RPG, MYZ:RTE employs grid-based tactics ala XCOM against a unique, post-apocalyptic backdrop. Gameplay-wise, what makes the game so interesting is the way it blends turn-based mechanics with real-time stealth. It opens up so many possibilities and variations of ways you can play the game, and this decision making really makes you think about the best ways to approach each situation, making for a very rewarding experience. 

2. Civilisation VI

Being that the empire-building strategy game had already been previously ported to tablets and phones, it’s no surprise that it’s nothing short of flawless on the larger, bespoke for a gaming console. I’d recommend playing in handheld mode first, as personally, we found the touch controls easier to navigate than using the Joy-Cons, but honestly, that’s nitpicking to the extreme. If you haven’t picked up a Civ game before, there’s never been a better time.

1. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The 15th entry in this long-running tactical RPG series returns to home consoles for the first time in over a decade as a Switch exclusive. Like most JRPGs, the lore is pretty deep, so we’ll sum it up by saying you spend the first half of the game in a school system, building relationships and currying favour with your chosen house. After that, there’s a significant time jump which leads to more battles and higher stakes. Gameplay-wise, expect all the usual turn-based fight mechanics set against a pretty anime backdrop.

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