Wednesday 4 July 2012

CeX on TV's Gadget Show

When Channel 5's Gadget Show charged their most experienced gamer Jason Bradbury to build a budget PC gaming rig they naturally looked for the cheapest place to buy the components.

Ready, aim, action in CeX Edinburgh!

As everyone should know, CeX buys, sells and exchanges hard drives, graphics cards, memory, gamer mice and keyboards as well as games, phones DVDs and gadgets at the best prices in the universe. That's why the Gadget Show came to CeX.

 That's a rap, gadget in the CeX bag:)

While the Gadget Show missed a trick and paid with cash when they must have rooms stuffed full of old gadgets and games to exchange at CeX, they snapped up goodies to build their PC rig. Jason stayed to chat with custies and our Edinburgh team. He raved about his new Galaxy S3, although he also has an iPhone 4S. Nice eh? If you fancy chatting gadgets with Jason find him on twitter @jasonbradbury

Hats off to our very own Superstar Jennifer, here getting wired for sound by Channel 5's man.

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