Thursday 10 January 2013

CeX on Gizmodo!

CeX comes up trumps on Gizmodo's list of best places to flog your old gadgets & DVDs for cash!

"With the rate companies are churning through devices nowadays, I’d bet that a fair few of you have a drawer full of old gadgets just gathering dust. But it’s time to put the unseen masses to work. Without trying to sound like that old bloke off Cash in the Attic, you might have hundreds of pounds sitting in said drawers. Flog it all, and you might only be one limb or major organ short of that new 4K TV."

CeX do not take limbs or organs. But we do BUY, SELL, EXCHANGE and DONATE: Phones, Games, DVDs, Electronics, Computing, Vision, Gadgets. See how much your stuff is worth at

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