Monday 29 June 2015

CeX in London Evening Standard

Guess who popped in to chat and take a few snaps with our CeX Bitcoin ATM? The London Evening Standard, that's who! Naturally they chose our CeX store on Tottenham Court Road for Nathaniel Popper of The New York Times to discuss his book 'Digital Gold: The Untold Story of Bitcoin'.

He says, "It's the ability to make any kind of transaction with anybody without relying on a third party. That simple transaction mechanism for moving value from one place to the next without government interference or a three per cent charge from a credit card company or wire service is part of the reason that Wall Street and the City are now taking a serious look at Bitcoin and it's blockchain technology. "Check out their article "The rise of 'Legitcoin': How Bitcoin made it from the Silk Road to the Square Mile"

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