Monday, 25 May 2020

Top PS4 Sports Games

9. Everybody’s Golf 

Everybody’s Golf is truly a sports game that the whole family can enjoy. Although highly accessible, it features deceptively deep golf mechanics. You’ll also get to create your own golfing character from the ground up and explore the open-world golf courses either on foot or in your own little golf cart. That’s right, an open-world golf game! Plenty to keep audiences of all ages entertained. 

8. NBA 2K20

Like many of the most popular mainstream sports games, NBA has a microtransaction problem. But they’re far from essential, and if you can overlook them, you’ve got the strongest recreation of pro basketball out there. The story mode is surprisingly entertaining too, and the learning curve is a satisfyingly slow climb. It’s easy to pick up but takes a long time to master, making it all the more rewarding when you wipe the floor with your mates. 

7. Steep

Steep is an open-world extreme sports video game set in a visually stunning recreation of the Alps that is ridiculously huge. You’ll get to choose how you explore this map from skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and wingsuit flying, with more available in DLC. Scouting new skiing courses by paragliding over sheer snowy slopes is a stunning experience, and the variety of challenge modes give you plenty of ways to spend your time. 

6. EA Sports UFC 3

For fans of UFC, this game is an absolute must-have. If you’re not in the know, UFC is a mixed martial arts fighting game based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Players can either create their very own ultimate fighter or choose from a roster of over 200 real-world athletes. If you’re a fan of traditional fighting games like Tekken and Street Fighter, be prepared for a very different, more realistic experience. 

5. F1 2019

Without a doubt still one of the most grounded and realistic motorsport experiences available right now, the F1 series is a hallmark of excellent racing games. As an annual title, the most current edition is bound to be the best and brightest, but F1 2019 deserves attention for being the first to include F2 racing in the mix. If you’re a die-hard racing fan and wacky kart racers just won’t cut it - you’re going to love F1.

4. Madden NFL 20

Madden is the iconic American football game, and often the game doesn’t get the attention it deserves in the UK thanks to our own love of football (soccer if you must). But if you’re a sports fan who never played a Madden game, you’re really missing out. Tight controls that are easy to pick up but hard to master and a well-written and entertaining story mode called ‘Face of the Franchise’ make this must-have.

3. DiRT Rally 2.0

One for serious driving devotees, DiRT Rally is one of the best rally racing games on the market right now, without a doubt. Like other serious racing games, a focus on gameplay and controls have made it an incredibly polished experience - it both looks and feels great to play. Although it is pretty difficult to master, it makes the payoff from finally beating that record time all the sweeter. 

2. Gran Turismo Sport

Having always been one of the more serious racing franchises, Gran Turismo more than makes up for a lack of silly fun in simple perfectionism. The graphics are beautiful and the controls are responsive and tight. The online features are fantastic, bringing a new dimension to the series, and a new place to show off your mastery behind the wheel. Truly one of the most polished racing games available. 

1. Fifa 20

Fifa is the pedigree of football (soccer, fine) games and offers by far the most high-quality footie experience in gaming. The online experience has always been a highly competitive area of esports, and the career mode is more detailed than ever. Create your own manager, respond to the media before each game, talk to your players and even foster talent - there’s endless replay value, even for those familiar with the franchise. 

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