Monday 25 May 2020

Top PS4 Sports Games

10. Riders Republic

If you’re bored of the beautiful realism of elite racing simulation games, Riders Republic is the ultimate palette cleanser. You explore an enormous open world via extreme sports events like biking, snowboarding, wingsuiting and more. Grabbing a jetpack to the top of a mountain and switching to your bike on the fly to white-knuckle your way down the cliff face? It just can’t be beaten!

9. NBA 2K22

The most popular basketball sim series on the market by a mile, NBA 2K22 has overhauled the mechanics of offence and defence in a way that makes the players feel more responsive than ever. Career modes, management modes and the chance to create your own perfect player make this the most varied 2K game in years - and the thriving online multiplayer mode makes conquering friends and strangers alike as satisfying as ever.

8. NHL 22

If you know someone who loves ice hockey, NHL is the game for them. New to this year’s edition is a visual and mechanical overhaul thanks to the introduction of the Frostbite engine, which makes the transition to this year’s edition feel like a much more pronounced evolution. NHL 22 also introduces Superstar X-Factors, which give the franchise’s most famous players spectacular abilities in their areas of expertise.

7. EA Sports UFC 4

UFC 4 is definitely a case of evolution, rather than revolution. It adds some welcome features and tweaks some of the weaker areas of its predecessor, but broadly speaking, it’s more of the same. That’s not a bad thing, as a thriving online scene and narrative-driven career mode makes it a tempting prospect. If you enjoy mixed martial arts and the previous entries in the series, you’re certain to enjoy this. 

6. WWE 2K Battlegrounds

What’s better than sport? Sports entertainment! After the hot mess that was WWE 2K20, the developers have decided to offer a palette cleanser in the form of 2K Battlegrounds. A much more over the top affair, with arcade-style grappling, cartoony graphics and outlandish weapons, it’s a tonne of fun seeing these larger than life characters looking a little larger than life. Plus you can throw your opponent into the mouth of a waiting crocodile - what more could you want?

5. Madden NFL 22

The world’s most popular American football game, the Madden series has been a staple on the sports fan’s game shelf for over 20 years. Alongside a host of graphical and mechanical upgrades, more detailed staff management and improved skill tree progression systems, Madden 22 introduces a ‘home field advantage’ system, which gives teams playing in their home stadium a chance to earn unique powers that will give them advantages over their opponents.

4. PGA Tour 2K21

A hardcore experience for hardcore players, if you’re a fan of golf you simply have to play PGA Tour 2K21. The precision it offers means it’s incredibly satisfying when you hit that perfect shot, and a thriving online community gives you every chance to earn bragging rights over your fellow putters. The graphics are also photorealistic, with some of the world’s most popular courses recreated in exquisite detail. And it taught us the difference between an ‘Albatross’ and a ‘Bogey’. Who knew?

3. Gran Turismo Sport

Having always been one of the more serious racing franchises, Gran Turismo more than makes up for a lack of silly fun in simple perfectionism. The graphics are beautiful and the controls are responsive and tight. The online features are fantastic, bringing a new dimension to the series, and a new place to show off your mastery behind the wheel. Truly one of the most polished racing games available. 

2. Fifa 22

FIFA fans know what to expect from the newest instalment of the world’s most popular sports game. Improved graphics for sure, but what’s important is the development in how the gameplay feels - the new HyperMotion motion capture technology employed in FIFA 22 means the game feels more shockingly realistic than it ever has before. The multiplayer mode is as fun as ever, so expect to lose plenty of evenings to playing with your mates online.

1. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2

You never forget your first. After a few years in the wilderness, the Tony Hawk franchise is back with a full remake of the first two games in the series. With the same ‘easy to learn, hard to master gameplay, online multiplayer and those iconic soundtracks, it’s just as fun as it was two decades ago. An Indy 900 of a game.

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