Monday, 14 September 2020

TOP 10 Xbox One Sports Games

10. WWE 2K Battlegrounds

This ridiculously over-the-top arcade brawler puts all of your favourite WWE Superstars and Legends into an in-your-face action game packed with outlandish interactive environments, exaggerated manoeuvres, special abilities and devastating power-ups. Totally throwing realism out of the window, this wonderful tribute to the joy of wrestling is an absolute riot.

9. Tennis World Tour

Tennis is one of the most under-represented sports in gaming, so it’s a good thing we have Tennis World Tour. Giving players the choice to step into the shoes of one of the 30 best players in the world across 18 different courts, you will lob, slice and topspin your way to victory in either career or arcade mode. With a focus on tactical and thoughtful play, Tennis World Tour is the thinking man’s tennis game.

8. FIFA 21

FIFA is the pedigree of football games and offers by far the most high-quality footie experience in gaming. FIFA 21 takes all the most popular modes from last year’s outing, including career mode, Volta and the immensely popular Ultimate Team and gives everything a welcome finetuning. Players move a lot more realistically, shooting feels more satisfying and the speed of play keeps everything moving along at an exciting pace.

7. UFC 4

In UFC 4, the fighter you become is shaped by you. Through your fight style, achievements and personality, the character will be customised through a unified progression system that feels rich and rewarding. Combine that with fluid and responsive gameplay that is totally authentic to the sport along with all-new environments, and you’ve got the definitive UFC title. An absolute treat for fans of the sport.

6. PGA Tour 2K21

Featuring the most realistic courses in the series thanks to real-world scanning, everything from the fairway to the bunkers looks utterly stunning. With an all-new PGA tour Career Mode and 12 top pros to play against, PGA Tour 2K21 is a dream for golf nuts young and old - with real-time tutorials and shot suggestions, the game is accessible to new players while also creating space for pros to enhance their game with ProVision, Distance Control and other innovations.

5. MADDEN 21

Madden NFL 21 gives players the opportunity to be the face of a new generation in Face of the Franchise: Rise to Fame, a stunning career mode that sees you rise and launch an influential legacy, or, squad up and take down your opponents in Madden’s fastest co-op eliminator mode to date with 5-minute games and dynamic rules. Beautifully polished visuals and refined gameplay make this the finest Madden game yet.

4. NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 is a baller’s fantasy come true, boasting polished gameplay and enough content to keep players satisfied for hundreds of hours. With an engrossing career mode that feels like an interactive movie thanks to stunning cutscenes and a genuinely exciting story. With unparalleled ball control thanks to the advanced Pro Stick mechanic and breathtaking enhancements across the visual presentation, NBA 2K21 is an absolute slam dunk.

3. NHL 20

In NHL 20, a staggering 45 new shot types made every attack from the AI a threat. Playing NHL 20 is a rewarding and lifelike experience as the game learns from your playstyle and attacks it with precision. This is one of the most intelligent and fully-realised sporting games, especially with the Signature Shots system making the stars look and feel more authentic than ever. A hockey fan’s dream.

2. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

Relive two incredible entries in the iconic Pro Skater series with this passionate remaster that brings back all the skaters, levels and tricks with stunning new visuals and mechanics. Bringing back the beloved era-defining soundtrack and all the parks we know and love, this nostalgic release is a perfect example of how you do a remaster. A truly wonderful trip down memory lane! 

1. eFootball PES 2020

In the crowded football game genre, PES 2020 takes the cake. With stunning visuals and a focus on finesse and slow, strategic play, PES 2020 is a thoughtful and addictive sports game that encourages practice and skill progression. With a huge number of pitches, game types and a stunning managerial mode, PES 2020 is stuffed with content that makes this the finest sports game currently available – whether you’re a football fan or not. Back of the net!

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