Monday, 14 September 2020

TOP Xbox One Sports Games

9. NBA 19

With NBA 2K19, 2K celebrated 20 years of sports gaming with ground-breaking new modes and an incredible, immersive career story mode with an all-star cast. Gameplay mechanics are stellar here too, with team chemistry elements particularly impressive encouraging teamwork. Certainly the finest NBA game on the market currently, and one that handles authentically. Get on the court and shoot some hoops with your heroes!

8. Tennis World Tour

Tennis is one of the most under-represented sports in gaming, so it’s a good thing we have Tennis World Tour. Giving players the choice to step into the shoes of one of the 30 best players in the world across 18 different courts, you will lob, slice and topspin your way to victory in either career or arcade mode. With a focus on tactical and thoughtful play, Tennis World Tour is the thinking man’s tennis game.

7. FIFA 20

Fifa is the pedigree of football (soccer, fine) games and offers by far the most high-quality footie experience in gaming. The online experience has always been a highly competitive area of esports, and the career mode is more detailed than ever. Create your own manager, respond to the media before each game, talk to your players and even foster talent - there’s endless replay value, even for those familiar with the franchise.

6. UFC 3

With revolutionised fighting movement and new animation technology, UFC 3 is almost photorealistic in its visuals. With every single punch, kick, block and counter captured and animated on cutting-edge animation tech, the game looks and feels authentic and visceral. Packed with game-types like Knockout Mode, Submission Shootout and Stand & Bang, UFC 3 is packed with content and some of the very best and most lifelike visuals seen in gaming.

5. The Golf Club 2019

The Golf Club 2019 is not an arcade sports game – this is a real simulation, which requires patience and skill to master. The Golf Club series has always been for the more discerning golf lovers, making those victories feel all the more rewarding. A course editor feature means the number of playable holes is really unlimited, but The Golf Club 2019 really shines in the career mode – essential, if you want to refine your skills in the game. Hole in one!

4. MADDEN 20

Boasting one of the best career campaigns in the genre, Madden 2020 introduces QB1 mode which puts you in the shoes of a Quarterback as you experience the journey from College Football Playoff all the way through to the league. Also introduced is the Superstar X-Factor, an all-new abilities progression system – a very innovative and well-implemented mechanic that makes the game all the more strategic. This one is a touchdown, and ideal for fans of the sport.

3. Cricket 19: The Official Game of the Ashes

Along with the usual career mode, Cricket 19’s highlight was the Scenario Mode which gave players the chance to tackle historical scenarios from classic matches through the ages. This exciting new feature was thrilling for cricket fans, putting them in the shoes of their heroes – but it wasn’t the game’s only high point! Enhanced, intelligent AI and rich gameplay made this one the next level of cricket simulation.

2. NHL 20

In NHL 20, a staggering 45 new shot types made every attack from the AI a threat. Playing NHL 20 is a rewarding and lifelike experience as the game learns from your playstyle and attacks it with precision. This is one of the most intelligent and fully-realised sporting games, especially with the Signature Shots system making the stars look and feel more authentic than ever. A hockey fan’s dream.

1. eFootball PES 2020

In the crowded football game genre, PES 2020 takes the cake. With stunning visuals and a focus on finesse and slow, strategic play, PES 2020 is a thoughtful and addictive sports game that encourages practice and skill progression. With a huge number of pitches, game types and a stunning managerial mode, PES 2020 is stuffed with content that makes this the finest sports game currently available – whether you’re a football fan or not. Back of the net!

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