Friday 9 April 2021

Stores Open Nationwide!

We’re back & we’ve missed you!

Swing by your local CeX to get instant cash for your stuff or exchange them for what you really want. Our stores are the easiest & quickest way to sell your unwanted games & tech that got you through the months at home. For your local store opening hours, please visit here.

While you can see what’s in stock online if you’re after some inspiration, you just can’t beat shopping in person. CeX stores are the fastest way to buy and sell. Our teams are on hand to offer independent advice on products, selling and upgrades.

Drop & Go

Why not try a new, faster way of selling in-store? Start online to save time with Drop & Go. We’ll pay into your bank or email your voucher.

Prefer face to face advice? We’re always happy to serve you in-store and value your products. The choice is yours!

Click & Collect

Secure your favourite CeX goodies and save time in-store with Click & Collect. Find out how HERE. Naturally, we’re always here to offer face to face advice if you prefer.

Join over 2 Million CeX App users today!

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