Thursday 8 September 2022

WINNERS PriceSpy’s Shop of the Year

A massive thank you to all our customers for voting for us as PriceSpy’s Shop of the Year 2021 for Computing & Phones AND Games & Consoles.
We’re delighted that PriceSpy, an impartial price and product comparison service, has announced that CeX has been voted for Shop of the Year in two major electronics categories. It’s a huge step in our fight for sustainable planet and wallet saving shopping. CeX was established nearly 30 years ago to create a better way to buy and sell computers, games, and gadgets, allowing tech fans to sell and upgrade for less as well as find a new home for their unwanted tech, offering huge savings on the second-hand tech that is far from obsolete. We're proud to be the UK's biggest second-hand tech specialist with over £2 billion paid out to customers and over 300 million products given a new lease of life. Help save the planet and give your unwanted tech a second life by getting an instant quote online or in-store at any one of our 380+ stores nationwide.

Join over 2 Million CeX App users today!
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