Wednesday 1 January 2020

Proudly Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

What Pride Means to Us
Proudly Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community
We’re on a journey to make CeX an inclusive environment for all, and that’s why we’re proud to support the LGBTQ+ community.
What is Pride?
Pride is a celebration and homage of the queer community's achievements, overcoming struggles, and diversity. It is an annual event that brings people together, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity or background, to advocate for equality. It serves as a testament to the progress made in advancing LGBTQ+ rights and a reminder of the ongoing work needed to ensure equal treatment.
What Pride means to us
What does pride mean to you?
That all people regardless of who they love are equal, love is love and should be celebrated. No true love should be diminished if it doesn't fit a particular box.
Pride is a reminder that we should all be proud of the people we are, and our own personal journeys and that all families, no matter size or gender are perfect just the way they are.
A safe space to celebrate our differences instead of being afraid of them. Love wins!
What does pride mean to you?
Pride is the most glittery, colourful, freeing time of year!! Having that time to celebrate my sexuality with such a loving community is such an incredible experience.
What does pride mean to you?
To me it's a celebration of how far we have come and a chance for the less visible of us to let our voices be loud and heard. Whenever I have been to a pride event I have seen love given, like the LGBTQIA+ parents who offer a family for the day to those who don't have one to go to. To me the brightness of the colours reflect how bright we all shine during the month and the strength of the love we have to offer.
What does pride mean to you?
I think pride is an awesome opportunity to teach others what it means to be part of the LGBTQ+ community.
What does pride mean to you?
Pride is always celebrating the existence of each other. Even though we have our rights in the UK there's other countries who don't and we still have to fight.
What does pride mean to you?
What does pride mean to you?
Pride means freedom and happiness to be who you want to be.
What does pride mean to you?
Pride means so much to me personally because it means I know I am safe and welcome to be myself, especially within the store where being yourself is encouraged. I love my queer colleagues and they love me. And I love my ally colleagues because they support me and my identity. It’s so important to be allowed to be yourself and that's what pride is all about
What does pride mean to you?
Pride to me is freedom, family, love and expression in the face of oppression.
CeX has provided a safe and supportive environment allowing me to embrace my true identity and helping me to grow personally and professionally from starting as a sales assistant to a senior role in the support centre.
What does pride mean to you?
Pride for me (as I am ancient) is remembering how others struggled so we can have safety and freedom now. It is about including everyone and actively listening to their needs and desires; adjusting and asking them to teach and respond in kind. There was never any question when I started with CeX that my way of being in the world would be questioned. I felt safe and included and supported all the way. And I still do. Being able to work in an inclusive and encouraging atmosphere is definitely a part of what Pride is for me.
What does pride mean to you?
Pride is a way of expressing yourself, sometimes it can be difficult to express yourself but when people do use your pronouns either your co-workers or the customers it does bring joy to your day.
What does pride mean to you?
To feel safe & supported in a community that wants to see you succeed & be the best version of yourself as well as having the courage to stand up for yourself & others! :3
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CeX is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. All applicants will be considered without prejudice to race, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability status.
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