Friday, 20 March 2020

TOP 10 Nintendo Switch Kids Games

10. Splatoon 2

A multiplayer FPS game that’s suitable for kids and not insufferable like Fortnite - whodathunkit?
Splatoon 2 definitely fits the bill, replacing blood and gore with vibrant paint without scrimping on the excitement and addictive gameplay. It takes the formula of its predecessor and builds on it with the inclusion of a single-player campaign as well as a smorgasbord of new multiplayer modes. Whether your flying solo or squadding up, you’re bound to have a good time!

9. SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated

A complete remake of the original 2003 game, SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated is a welcome return of a beloved franchise, and a worthy remake of the best Spongebob game ever made. THQ Nordic have done a great job in making some of the most vibrant, beautiful levels ever found in a platformer, and there’s enough variety to keep you from ever getting bored. It’s dripping with all the charm that made the show iconic, and that alone makes it worth playing for gamers of any age.

8. Transformers: Battlegrounds

Transformers: Battlegrounds serves as a great introduction for younger players looking to get into more strategy minded games. It teaches all the basic mechanics that will serve them well as they go on to more advanced titles later down the line. Set in the same universe as the Transformers: Cyberverse animated TV show, it’s dripping with colour, charm and comedy and will delight players of all ages. 

7. Pokémon Let’s GO

The latest entry in the much-loved franchise takes us back to where it all started, yes that’s right the mean streets of the Kanto Region, where you can now retread the maps of Pokémon Red and Blue in glorious high definition. All of the original 150 odd Pokémon can be found in Let’s GO, as well as their thousands of moves, their stats and their evolutions. 

6. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

This port of the 2014 Wii U title combines puzzle games with inventive platformer action to give a refreshingly unique take on the genre. Rather than sprinting or jumping your way to your goal, you have to rotate the camera view to open new paths of access. All this makes for an engrossing, challenging experience coupled with Nintendo’s trademark charming veneer. 

5. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The king of the kart racers, nothing comes close to Mario Kart on the Switch. With the near-perfect balance between pick-up-and-playability and challenge, MK8D truly does cater for everyone. Whether entertaining your grandparents or duking it out with the best online, you’ll find a satisfying experience no matter what you’re looking for. 

4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo has been perfecting their Smash Bros series for the past 2 decades, an effort that culminates with the near-obnoxiously good Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The fighting/party game boasts one of the best rosters of characters found in any game ever, ranging from Pikachu to Solid Snake to Sonic and even the Wii Fit Trainer (because why not?), and each character feels unique, with a deep move set and individual play style.

3. Mario Odyssey

Mario Odyssey is a belter! Rather than resting on its laurels, Nintendo takes their moustachioed mascot and freshens him up in a new direction; new worlds, new mechanics and new challenges make playing it an absolute delight and a testament to the company’s expertise in game design.  

2. Super Mario Maker 2

The perfect game for inquisitive young minds, Super Mario Maker 2 blends entertaining gameplay while encouraging boundless creativity. This iteration doesn’t change the winning formula of its predecessor too much, after all, there’s a certain satisfaction achieved from building your dream level that can’t be replicated by any other type of game.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - there aren’t enough superlatives to describe how good this game is. Never have we played an open-world game that’s so immersive, so deep and just so gosh darn fun to play. Every aspect of the game is flawless, and the fact it works on a tablet is nothing short of witchcraft. Trust us, it’s worth buying a Switch for this game alone.

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