Tuesday, 24 March 2020

TOP PS4 Racing Games

10. Crash Team Racing Nitro-fueled

You’d be forgiven for feeling like you almost recognise this indie racing game. After all, the title is made of three pretty common racing game buzz words. It features solid, quality racing gameplay, inspired by 90’s racing games you might have played to death on the original Playstation. Including joy-inducing throwback retro graphics! It’s packed with content, and the split-screen local multiplayer is the icing on the cake. 

9. CREW 2

Bored of your usual open-world racing games? What about a racing game that lets you drive across the entire United States? Crew 2 lets you do just that, with an albeit condensed recreation of the country. You can tear up the track, skies and seas in various types of races in fast-paced arcade action. Ever want to drive an F1 car across the Golden Gate Bridge? Now you can!

8. MotoGP 21

The team behind MotoGP have been developing the motorsport racing series for over 15 years now, and the expertise shines through in MotoGP 21. The game is loaded with mechanics that affect your performance on the track - but beginners will be happy to hear that various assist modes exist until they’re ready to take off the training wheels. Motorsport has never felt so authentic - and finally nailing first place has never felt so satisfying.

7. F1 2020

Racing doesn’t get faster than Formula One, and F1 2020 provides the most realistic simulation of the high octane sport to date. With updated graphics, a roster of racers, as well as welcome inclusion of split-screen multiplayer makes this a tempting prospect for hardcore enthusiasts and those just looking for something to play with friends. Balancing deep mechanics with accessible gameplay means fans across the spectrum will have a blast.

6. Need For Speed Heat

The spiritual successor to all-time greats like Most Wanted and Underground Need For Speed Heat is a welcome return to form for the franchise. The open-world street racer combines the arcade stylings of its predecessors with modern twists, such as deep vehicle customisation options and fantastic graphics. But once you hit the track, all the familiar full-throttle races, police pursuits and more can be found.

5. RIDE 4

One of the most satisfying, faithful racing sims on the market, RIDE 4 is a must for all fans of two-wheeled showdowns. With over 170 licensed bikes recreated to a near photorealistic standard, as well as authentic engine noises for each, there’s a level of detail on show that’s seldom seen in other games. Adjustable settings also mean you can tailor your experience, so novices and veterans can have fun straight out of the box.

4. WRC 9

While Forza and Gran Turismo might be forever duking it out to become the best mainstream racing game, WRC has always been the undisputed king of rally racing. A completely different discipline, it’s just you, your car, and some of the most punishing tracks in the world, as you aim to top the time trial leaderboards. Controlling each car is an absolute delight, and trying to knock seconds off your time can become massively addictive. Aside from a few predominantly aesthetic concerns, there’s plenty to enjoy for both hardcore racers and casuals alike, and we’re looking forward to booting it up with friends in local co-op.

3. Project CARS 3 

If you’re new to racing games or just looking for a more casual experience, Project CARS 3 is the game for you. A much more streamlined experience than its predecessor, it offers a lot more character, a chunky career mode and plenty of challenges to keep you hurtling round the track lap after lap. It’s easy on the eyes too, with some of the world’s most exotic hypercars recreated in exquisite detail.

2. Gran Turismo Sport

Having always been one of the more serious racing franchises, Gran Turismo more than makes up for a lack of silly fun in simple perfectionism. The graphics are beautiful and the controls are responsive and tight. The online features are fantastic, bringing a new dimension to the series, and a new place to show off your mastery behind the wheel. Truly one of the most polished racing games available. 

1. DiRT Rally 2.0

One for serious driving devotees, DiRT Rally is one of the best rally racing simulators on the market right now, without a doubt. Like other serious racing games, a focus on gameplay and controls have made it an incredibly polished experience - it both looks and feels great to play. Although it is pretty difficult to master, it makes the payoff from finally beating that record time all the sweeter. 

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