Friday, 24 April 2020

TOP 10 PS4 Horror Games

10. Resident Evil 2

The original Resident Evil 2 was an absolute cult classic, and in the remake, a lot more is being updated in this game than the graphics. This legendary survival horror game has only gotten better. Little bugbears like fixed camera angles and clunky controls are long gone, but they’ve perfectly preserved what made RE2 great. It’s such an extensive recreation that you can understand why they’ve omitted any ‘remastered’ subtitle. 

9. Until Dawn

Until Dawn plays like a love letter to classic horror movie tropes. It’s an interactive drama, dependent on decision branches and quick-time events, as well as third-person exploration and puzzle-solving. It’s also very replayable - the ‘Butterfly Effect’ system helps you keep track of the choices you’ve made and where you could have done things differently. You’ll want to play several times to make sure you experience all sides of the story. 

8. The Last Of Us Remastered

Legendary The Last of Us is a beautifully told and unforgettable story about Joel and Ellie in a dystopian near-future world ravaged by a zombie apocalypse. Strategic survival action gameplay always keeps you on the edge of your seat in any confrontation - but leaving rooms unexplored could mean missing crucial ammo, bandages or crafting materials. No smoke without fire - there’s a reason this is one of the best-known PlayStation exclusives ever. 

7. Little Nightmares

The design team behind this game are geniuses. Little Nightmares’ repulsive character designs are very visible and very, very creepy in a way that will make you want to throw the controller as you play. Playing as a little girl in a yellow raincoat, in a world of stylised graphics reminiscent of some sort of corrupted Pixar movie, the tone in Little Nightmares is deceptively bright - you’ll find yourself forgetting what’s waiting for you around the corner. 

6. The Evil Within

Many ‘horror’ games fall into the mid-range Resident Evil trap of leaning more into the action and forgetting the terror that made them so great. The Evil Within has a punishing difficulty curve, creating some tense moments that truly scared me. Fighting through the panic and overcoming the difficulty pays off with satisfying gameplay that is great at keeping you hooked. Until suddenly you realise it’s 2am and you’re playing from behind the sofa.

5. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard

The Resident Evil series has been heading in quite a ‘gun-toting’ direction - but RE7 was a brilliant surprise. You take first-person control of a man named Ethan, looking for his wife in a derelict plantation. It’s the first main Resident Evil game to use the first-person view, which makes the brilliantly engineered environments feel all the more frightening. Not to mention this game is also compatible with VR if you really wanted to enjoy a fright. 

4. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight isn’t a traditional horror game like most of the other titles on this list are. It’s a 1v4 multiplayer survival game. One player takes on the role of a killer, trying to kill the other four players or ‘survivors’. Featuring survivors and killers from famous horror franchises like Scream, Saw, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and more, it’s an absolute staple for any horror fan to have on their games shelf. 

3. Alien Isolation

Isolation is the first game based on the Alien series to venture into horror/survival territory, it’s by far the best. Scrambling to find the right hiding place before the xenomorph manages to find you will always be terrifying. Holding your breath as it walks past the cupboard you just managed to jump into is truly bone-chilling. Heavily influenced by the first film, it captures the ‘what the late 70s/early 80s thought the future would look like’ aesthetic perfectly, not to mention the creeping dread of an undefeatable alien threat. 

2. Bloodborne

Bloodborne is a game that pushes you to the very limit. The combat is, without exaggeration, exhausting. The great difficulty of the gameplay means that you’ll be dying hundreds of times in any one playthrough, and yet the payoffs of victory are ecstasy by comparison. When you’ve played Bloodborne, you won’t remember the pain - you’ll remember all of the well-earned successes, and how good they felt when you achieved them. 

1. Resident Evil 3

In Resident Evil 2, Mr X kept the creepy factor at 100. Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis is no slouch and will definitely make it hard for you to sleep easy after the first time you encounter this terrifying tyrant. Trailing your every move, this biohazardous behemoth utilises a rocket launcher, flame thrower and numerous grizzly forms to keep you on your toes as you high tail it out of Raccoon City. Alongside more flesh-eating zombies than ever before, this incredible remake hides terror behind every corner.

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