Tuesday 21 April 2020

Top 10 Xbox One FPS Games

10. Far Cry 5

Continuing the beloved series of explosive and action-packed open-world shooters, Far Cry 5 is the biggest and best entry to date. Taking place in rural America, the game’s story takes you on an exciting journey into the heart of darkness to take down charismatic cult leader Joseph Seed. Expect the usual chaotic and destructive action, vast setting to explore and freedom to complete the brilliant story at your own pace. An epic Far Cry masterpiece.

9. Metro: Exodus

The Metro series, arguably the most underrated and underappreciated FPS franchise, had its finest hour thus far in Exodus. Set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the former Russian Federation, players must battle mutated creatures and hostile humans with an arsenal of hand-made, customisable weaponry. Boasting phenomenal world design, great characters and impeccable shooting mechanics, this one is a must.

8. Battlefield V

One of the most harrowing, emotional and thought-provoking campaigns in the gaming, Battlefield V provides a rather sobering look at the horrors of World War II in a varied and powerful story mode. The game’s visuals are nothing short of breath-taking, and the multiplayer offers an action-packed and intense thrill-ride that currently stands as the definitive WWII game, making a point to remind us of the true realities of the conflict.

7. Doom

Rebooting the beloved Doom franchise was always going to be risky business, but thankfully id Software and Bethesda Softworks knocked it out of the park with this ultra-violent and visually stunning update. Perfectly recapturing the spirit of classic Doom adventures, this fast-paced battle against demonic forces on Mars adds character and arsenal upgrades and a thrilling online multiplayer to make this Doom’s mightiest entry. And the soundtrack is AWESOME.

6. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Have you ever wanted to battle hordes of Nazis with high-tech laser weaponry? Well, now you can. Wolfenstein II’s vast upgradable arsenal is reason enough to earn The New Colossus a place on this list, with the disintegrating Laserkraftwerk and grenade-launching Dieselkraftwerk among the FPS genre’s finest weaponry. Lock and load as you creatively vaporise, explode and annihilate the Nazi war machine in this endlessly thrilling shoot-‘em-up classic!

5. Titanfall 2

Building on what made the first Titanfall so great, this advanced and action-packed sequel provides a thrilling, unmatched combat experience. Whether fighting as a Pilot or a 20-foot Titan, Titanfall 2’s multiplayer is ridiculously exciting and totally unparalleled in the sci-fi shooter subgenre. The game also delivers on the campaign front, with a spectacular and wholly captivating adventure that compliments the game’s multiplayer. All in all, a great shooter and a sci-fi gaming classic! 

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

One of the most beloved entries in the long-running series, the original 2007 Modern Warfare is an absolute masterpiece of modern shooters. Thankfully, the remastered version available on Xbox One retains all of the original game’s raw power while offering enhanced graphics and modern updates to the still-busy multiplayer. And that campaign is still as incredible as ever! An absolute must-own.

3. Rainbow Six: Siege

Tactics, teamwork and strategy are the pillars of Rainbow Six: Siege. This is not a spray-and-pray shooter – victory in Siege demands communication with your team and thoughtful, stealthy play. The result is one of the most rewarding and heart-poundingly intense shooters on the market today, and certainly one of the best. A unique and thrilling entry in the online shooter world, and one that will certainly remain in a top spot for some time.

2. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo needs no introduction - it just isn’t Xbox without Master Chief. Beautifully remastered, this must-own collection bundles together one of gaming’s most beloved legacies onto one disc and it is truly momentous. Being able to experience the original Halo trilogy on the Xbox One with stunning updated visuals is a feast of delights for any gamer. And with new content due to be added in December, this one is essential. It really doesn’t get any better than Halo.

1. Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal takes everything that made what came before so good, including the original 90s games, and builds upon it to make for the most refined, and in our opinion best game in the franchise to date. It balances mindless power fantasy with satisfying, rewarding gameplay in a way that no other game does, and we would urge anyone with even a passing interest in FPS games to give it a go!

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