Thursday 17 September 2020

PS5 Showcase 16/09/20

After all of their hesitance, Sony has finally come out to announce the price and date(s) of their next-gen machines. They also took the opportunity to show off some of the console's launch releases, as well some of (a lot) of future releases. 

Final Fantasy XVI

Rumours of this started leaking out a little while back and as an FF fan, I can’t say I’m excited for this. It looks like someone added some Witcher to FFXV and it's gone back to being a medieval knights and sorcery affair, à la 5...6...12...and it looks a lot like Realm Reborn. The big thing of this announcement being that it’ll be console exclusive to PlayStation.

No release date given. Expect this to be a long way off yet.

Spiderman - Miles Morales

This was a decent length gameplay demo, which largely looks like it plays the same as Marvel's Spider-Man, but that’s not really a bad thing as that game was great. Set pieces and combat look are graphically stunning and look to be as good as always... The game is set a year after the first and Miles' mum is running for Mayor. The trailer does a decent job of showing off how Miles has a different set of abilities to Peter Parker (outside of web-slinging of course).

This is also coming to PS4. Available at Launch.

Hogwarts Legacy

Harry Potter has been a pretty big influence on generations of people, so an open-world game set within that world seems like it should be pretty popular amongst those that can separate the franchise from the author.

Hogwarts Legacy is an action RPG set in Hogwarts and the surrounding areas. Periodically it's set 100 years before the events of Harry and his friends, so don't expect to be seeing them but do expect dragons, trolls and fantastic beasts. 

Release set for 2021

COD: Black Ops - Cold War

Macho shooty stuff. I’m sure its campaign will be kind of mindless fun, as always, and it’s online full of the same adolescent chat trolls. Not much needs to be said about Call of Duty at this point. Its name's on the tin. 

Available at Launch. The big announcement was that the Playstation 4 gets the online Alpha, starting this Friday

Resident Evil VIII: VILLAGE

Continuing the story of Ethan, the only unrecognisable Resident Evil character, and seemingly involving Chris on a dark one. Village takes place in, well, another cult village that seems to have a werewolf problem. Mia's section of the trailer has me the most curious as it changed to a style that looked more at home in an indie title like Limbo. 

Release date 2021.

Demon’s souls

This was a long lengthy chunk of gameplay. Janky but solid is kind of their playstyle and there was plenty of that. It sort of makes sense for them to remake the first souls game that most people missed. Remade from the ground up, it looks really pretty. I look forward to dying a lot. 

Available at launch to start dynamic rolling. 

God of War 2: Ragnarok

This was nothing but a voice-over teaser and a logo… But that's all everyone needed. A date for next year seems a bit sooner than I thought it would be so hopefully it's not rushed and has been in the works for longer than it seems. Or maybe it's expanded DLC, like Miles Morales. Only time will tell.

Set to release in 2021.

While the Showcase itself was good and Sony showed it has some decent games in the pipeline, the console's launch lineup is pretty weak. As for the console, I see more benefits with the Optical PS5 over the Digital Only as the Digital version loses functionality I'd actually be interested in. The ability to play your PS4 library being one of them. Also having it as a 4K Blu Ray player is a plus. The cost of digital games is also upwards of an extra 20%, so you’ll soon be spending more than you initially saved. That and you don't really own anything, digitally. You can't do anything with it after. I'd rather lend it out or sell it on when I want to upgrade.

The console launches on November 12th for USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.
For whatever reason, the UK and the rest of the world gets it on November 19th. 

Launch Games Lineup:

Astro Playroom



Destruction Allstars

Dmc5 (digital only)

Spiderman: Miles Morales

Demon's Souls


Cyberpunk 2077

Assassins Creed: Valhalla 

Dirt 5


NBA 2K21

COD: Black Ops - Cold War

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