Friday 1 January 2021

Top 10 PSP Hidden Gems

10. Power Stone Collection

This bundle combines enhanced versions of Power Stone and Power Stone 2, which were originally released for the SEGA Dreamcast in 1999 and 2000 respectively. The crazy beat ‘em up action of the games translates well to the PSP thanks to a more sophisticated interface with new, more visual meters and radars that show the location of power stones. The games both play wonderfully and this collection is certainly one of the most underrated releases on the PSP.

9. Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite

One of the biggest games on the PSP, Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite boasts thousands of different armour sets and weapons to combine for victory on the battlefield. With over 500 hours of gameplay thanks to an endless wealth of missions, this stunning action game could be the only game you need. So, get tooled up and get a party together for a savage adventure – those monsters aren’t going to hunt themselves!

8. Dante's Inferno

Partially based on Dante’s classic The Divine Comedy, this epic adventure title takes players on a journey through the nine circles of hell. As you descend through limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, heresy, violence, fraud and treachery, you will do battle with a gauntlet of unimaginable evils and fight to recapture the soul of your beloved Beatrice. This stunningly realised depiction of hell is one of the most frightening in gaming and plays wonderfully to this day.

7. Megaman Maverick Hunter X

This Super Nintendo remake will be a delightful addition to any old-time fans collection, whilst packing enough new content to draw in new players. With redesigned level layouts and some great new visual and sound updates, Maverick Hunter X guarantees to still be a challenge even for the veteran gamer. This engrossing title is a perfect example of the right way to bring classic games into the modern world.

6. Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower

This remarkable and unique fighting game is an absolute essential for PSP gamers. This stunning translation of one of Capcom’s best fighting game franchises ports the Dreamcast title to the PSP with flawless execution. Flashy and fun, this fantastic beat ‘em up boasts wonderful character design, excellent visuals and traditional fighting gameplay – resulting in a true hidden gem that deserves a much stronger legacy.

5. Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast

Celebrated as the daddy of all arcade racers, SEGA’s OutRun series hit its absolute peak with the 2006 Coast 2 Coast release. With a new game engine and modern graphics, the game features the most cars ever seen in an OutRun game and is rammed with challenges and modes to test your mettle. This is a thrilling and nostalgic reminder of the good old days of the arcade and is a truly underrated modern classic.

4. Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 2

Giving players the opportunity to duel with more than 3,500 playable cards, this thrilling Tag Force title promises hundreds of hours of gameplay across its seemingly infinite possibilities in card-based battle and stunningly animated cutscenes. Fans of the acclaimed anime will be absolutely thrilled with this faithful adaptation of the characters and world, while newcomers can easily be swept up in its compelling gameplay too.

3. Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix

This port of the celebrated Underground 2 takes players on an ultimate road trip with four new levels – Las Vegas, Atlanta, Kyoto and Santa Cruz. With 13 levels to conquer and endless tricks to nail, this release offered the handheld debut for Tony Hawk and it is certainly the best. Whether you’re a slow and focused skater or a lightning speed trickster, this thrilling title offers all the skateboarding fun you could ever need on the PSP. 

2. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

Armed with an array of slick gadgets and weapons, it’s up to superspy Gabe Logan to save the world. Without a doubt one of the strongest titles on the PSP, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror offers an engrossing experience with robust gameplay, solid visuals and a compelling story – resulting in a game that stands out as not only one of the best games on the PSP, but one of the best games Sony ever put out.

1. Final Fantasy VII (7): Crisis Core

Incredibly addictive and blurring the lines between many genres, this fantastic entry in the acclaimed Final Fantasy series takes players on a thrilling, emotional adventure that showed off the true power of the PSP. Graphically stunning and packed with incredible gameplay mechanics, Crisis Core is a masterpiece of the console and one of the finest entries in the staggering series of games. An absolute must for PSP owners, whether Final Fantasy fans or not.

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