Wednesday 26 July 2023

Top-10 Playstation 4 Racing Games

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Top-10 Playstation 4 Racing Games
Wipeout: Omega Collection Game Case 9. Wipeout: Omega Collection
Imagine Star Wars pod racing and multiply the chaos, excitement, graphics, and gameplay by ten. What you get is Wipeout: Omega Collection. This super-fast-paced arcade racer uses zero gravity physics to create unique race circuits which make for exciting and chaotic gameplay along with some truly breathtaking visual experiences. Racing isn’t the only thing to Wipeout, you’ll find plenty of other game modes to satisfy your need for speed!

Wreckfest game case 8. Wreckfest
Get ready for some good old-fashioned mayhem and destruction in Wreckfest. This close-quarters arcade racer lets you race up to 24 cars around crazy and chaotic courses as you crash, bash and smash your way to the chequered flag! The game also includes a unique destruction derby-style mode with the sole focus of being the only remaining drivable vehicle on the track, making for some unique and exciting gameplay experiences.

Project CARS 2 game case 7. Project CARS 2
Project CARS 2 delivers on creating an authentic and realistic racing experience. The game features realistic physics, dynamic weather conditions, and accurate track representations, creating a high-fidelity racing environment. Race with up to 189 different cars on 140 different tracks from around the world.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro game case 6. Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled
Return to the wacky world of Crash Bandicoot in this fast-paced kart racing game. Use your unique power-ups, masterful drifting, and daring stunts to zoom past your competitors in a race to the finish line. Play as your favourite Crash character and race with up to 4 players to decide who the ultimate racing champion is!

Burnout Paradise game case 5. Burnout Paradise: Remastered
RPG meets racing in this remastered open-world driving game. Explore Paradise City and its secrets at your own pace, discovering its hidden routes and shortcuts. Burnout Paradise: Remastered focuses on high-speed, adrenaline-fueled arcade racing. Perform stunts, execute takedowns on rival cars, and race at breakneck speeds!

DiRT Rally 2.0 game case 4. DiRT Rally 2.0
Prefer rally cars over track cars? Maybe DiRT Rally 2.0 is more up to your speed. The game offers a wide selection of rally cars from different eras, including modern WRC cars, historic rally cars, and rallycross vehicles. The game's crown jewel is its Career mode allowing you to hire staff, upgrade facilities, and make strategic decisions to improve your team's performance. Additionally, you can fine-tune your car setups to optimise performance for different terrains and conditions.

Assetto Corsa 3. Assetto Corsa: Ultimate Edition
Assetto Corsa’s crazy attention to detail makes it an incredibly realistic console driving experience. On top of everything you would expect from a racing game, you can set your windscreen wiper speed, wind your windows up and down, control your sunroof position and more! If a real car can do it, you bet you can replicate it in-game. With a pristine graphical finish and amazing sound design, Assetto Corsa is a must-play for car enthusiasts.

F1 2021 Game Case 2. F1 2021
Get ready to play the official F1 racing game of 2021. Take your seat in your very own F1 car as you face racing legends like Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen. Create your team and take them to the front of the grid in the ‘My Team’ career mode, or race head-to-head with split-screen or online multiplayer. Plus, with the new campaign ‘Breaking Point’, you’ll make your own story reminisce of legendary rivalries within the sport.

Gran Turismo Game Case 1. Gran Turismo 7
If you’re looking for a hyper-realistic racing simulator, look no further than Gran Turismo 7. The game includes over 400 cars and over 37 different locations with 108 total unique layouts. Experience a new level of immersive gameplay with live weather changes, photography mode, VR Mode and many more features! The list goes on and on and on.

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