Friday, 14 August 2020

TOP Xbox One Kids Games

9. Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure

In this delightful Xbox One exclusive, players are invited to Pixar Park where the worlds of Cars, Toy Story, The Incredibles, Finding Dory, Up and Ratatouille are combined for a variety of racing, platforming and puzzles. With joyful Disney visuals and music and recognisable characters for the youngsters, this is a varied game which should bring joy to very young players. And as an added bonus, the game also supports the Kinect, encouraging players to exercise while playing. Win-win! 

8. Team Sonic Racing

Refining and advancing the kart racing genre, Team Sonic Racing is a fun and inventive game that encourages team cooperation. Taking the ‘it’s not about winning, it’s about taking part’ logic, the game focuses on rewarding players for helping teammates and boosting their chances of winning rather than taking all the glory for themselves. The game teaches valuable lessons and boasts fun, colourful visuals, making it a great game for younger players.

7. Overcooked

Teaching the value of teamwork and cooperation, Overcooked is one of the best party games available on the console. Up to four players take control of chefs in a fast-paced kitchen environment, working together to create specific meals for diners in a variety of restaurants. Environmental hazards, shifting kitchen designs and increasingly complex recipes make this a solid and thrilling game for all ages, and a super fun party experience.

6. Yooka-Laylee

The bright colours, simple character design and silly humour of Yooka-Laylee make this throwback platformer an essential title for young gamers. As the titular chameleon and bat duo, players explore a variety of richly designed worlds to stop a nefarious villain – but the game really comes into its own with cooperative multiplayer and a host of minigames for up to four, making the game a key part of family games nights! 

5. Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon allows players to learn and interact with a wide range of animals, creating a surprisingly fun and educational experience that benefits from warm, vibrant visuals and simple gameplay. The game also includes a freeform mode that gives players the tools to build the zoo of their dreams with no consequence or restrictions. A charming way to encourage learning and fun with the help of endless zoo animals – without having to travel to a real zoo!

4. Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

The Spyro: Reignited Trilogy collects the first three games in the beloved family series, remastered to an incredible standard by a team that is clearly very passionate for the franchise. The wonderful, colourful and varied worlds on offer in this faithful recreation of the iconic trilogy feature evolving gameplay and charming humour, making for a wonderful set of adventures for younger players.

3. Lego City Undercover

The Lego games are nothing short of legendary, boasting some of the most simplistic and entertaining gameplay you can find. Lego City Undercover puts players into the shoes of agent Chase McCain, as he fights to dismantle a criminal gang in Lego City. With tongue-in-cheek humour and plenty of fun exploration, characters to unlock and collectables to find, this is an endlessly enjoyable game for all ages.

2. Super Lucky’s Tale

A charming throwback to the classic 3D platformers of the N64 era, Super Lucky’s Tale is a cheerful and simplistic adventure. Packed with colourful visuals, you control Lucky, a cute little fox that must stop the villainous Jinx from stealing the ancient Book of Ages. It’s a joyful and clean romp that serves as a solid introduction to platformer gaming – and one that parents might nostalgically enjoy too!

1. Minecraft

This beloved game allows players to use their creativity to build and explore their wildest fantasies, making for one of the most pleasing and entertaining games available on the console. With single-player, local split-screen and online available, the game is also a valuable social tool for youngsters and encourages teamwork as players build, explore and play together. A must-own for younger players!

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